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WandaVision Is Completely Unhinged

Do you love classic sitcoms? Spooky witch antics? The Marvel Cinematic Universe? The Olsen twins, but younger and there's only one of them? You're in luck! In January of 2021, the MCU kicked off its small-screen antics with "WandaVision," the story of mystical witch Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and her robot boyfriend Vision (Paul Bettany) and their life together... though there's a much darker twist beneath all of the Monochrome and catchy theme songs.

In fact, if you think about "WandaVision" for, I don't know, more than two minutes, you might start to realize that it's one of the MCU's most messed up stories by a mile. For starters, none of the fun sitcom stuff is actually happening, and Wanda is actually just holding a totally innocent town full of tortured civilians hostage to work through her own grief over Vision's death. Do we even have to go on? Lucky for you, there's a video that explains just how effed up "WandaVision" is thanks to Okay, So Basically, which is available on SnapChat and YouTube.

There's plenty of Okay, So Basically videos on YouTube and SnapChat, which roasts everything from Batman to Moon Knight to Twilight. You can check out the show over YouTube and Snapchat. As for "WandaVision," you can stream it on Disney+ and rediscover exactly how screwed up it is.