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LaRoyce Hawkins' Favorite Chicago P.D. Scene Was A Major Moment For Atwater

"Chicago P.D." has proven itself to be one of the most popular programs on NBC over the last few years. The procedural has gone strong since 2014 and has come a long way since its opening season. Characters have come and gone through the 21st District to the point where everyone's favorite has had opportunities to showcase their acting chops and have some standout scenes.

This occasionally entails watching them spring into action as they're given a task to complete to save lives. Other moments that sear themselves into the mind are quieter; they offer a different side of the character than how they're usually presented. Officer Kevin Atwater, played by LaRoyce Hawkins, has had ample opportunities to show off the former, busting down doors and rescuing people from precarious situations. But fans may be surprised to hear what the actor's favorite scene of all time really is and how out-of-character it is for Atwater.

LaRoyce Hawkins loved watching his character get a second shot at love

During a special Chi-Hard Fan Event, many members of the "One Chicago" family had opportunities to discuss the show as well as their favorite parts over the years. When it came for LaRoyce Hawkins to discuss his favorite moment, one might imagine it would be one of the many insane action sequences he's had. But instead, he chose to focus on a simpler moment, namely, the time he met Celeste Nichols, played by Amanda Payton, across the way at a bar in Season 9, Episode 5, "Burnside."

Hawkins went on to explain, "I just like it because it was an opportunity for us to see a different side of Atwater. We usually see him breaching down doors and quite perplexed most of the time, but it was nice to kind of watch him enjoy himself." Sadly, the relationship doesn't last long. Atwater withholds telling her he works as a police officer after learning she doesn't hold a glowing view of the police system, and when he finally comes clean, they break up because she didn't like that he held back that information from her. 

At least for a brief period of time, Atwater was content with one of his relationships outside of work.