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37% Of Young Sheldon Fans Agree This Is Their Favorite Season

CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" enjoyed the kind of run on television that most programs only dream of. It stuck around for 12 seasons, secured numerous awards, and amassed a fanbase that couldn't get enough, all while asserting itself as a staple of pop culture. However, this prosperity didn't last forever, with the series' finale arriving in 2019 and putting an end to the sitcom's small screen reign. Thankfully, though, fans of the show haven't been left out to dry entirely since their favorite show came to a close almost three years ago.

Two years before "The Big Bang Theory" wrapped up, a prequel title came to fruition about the life of one of its most popular characters, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). Appropriately named "Young Sheldon," the spinoff brings viewers back to Sheldon's childhood in East Texas, providing context to some of his anecdotes, fears, and general personality quirks from "Big Bang." On paper, this sounds like one of those shows that's doomed to fail out of the gate, but that wasn't the case. "Young Sheldon" is still very much going strong in 2022.

At the time of this writing, "Young Sheldon" is up to its fifth season with more on the way. At this point in time, here's the one that around 37% of fans believe is the best of them all.

Young Sheldon Season 1 remains a favorite

Curious to learn about the "Young Sheldon" fanbase's favorite seasons, Reddit user Bot_Billy put it to a vote that 125 individuals were more than happy to participate in. Season 2 wound up in last place with only 22 votes (17.6%), narrowly losing out to Season 3's 23 (18.4%). Season 4 secured the runner-up spot with a strong 34 votes (27.2%), meaning that "Young Sheldon" Season 1 took home the remaining 46 ballots (36.8%) and the victory over its competition. Although, one has to wonder if the poll had included Season 5 if that would've ultimately changed.

Even though it took home the win, the comment section seemed full of folks who preferred the other three seasons over Season 1. "I just get more enjoyment out of seasons 2-4," wrote usernameboyo15, who then went on to rattle off a few particularly entertaining Season 1 episodes that deserve some credit. On the other hand, Bot_Billy voiced their confusion in a reply over how Season 1 managed to earn the top spot. Meanwhile, diG1Mon wondered why all of the Season 1 detractors kept watching "Young Sheldon" beyond Season 1 if they felt so negatively about it.

"Young Sheldon" has just passed the 100-episode mark, which is a huge achievement for any TV show. Sure, it's not quite at "Big Bang Theory" levels of popularity, but it's still chugging along just fine and has an enduring viewer base. Without Season 1 — an apparently divisive yet popular one — that wouldn't be possible.