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The Hilarious Character Only Hardcore Simpsons Fans Know Is Mr. Burns' Boss

The show may be called "The Simpsons," but just as much time has been dedicated to the other residents of Springfield as the titular nuclear family. One of the side characters who's received arguably the most attention outside of the Simpson family is C. Montgomery Burns, Homer's boss at the nuclear power plant. 

Mr. Burns often takes on an antagonistic role. Earlier in the series, he came up with numerous efforts to worsen the lives of Springfield's residents for his own personal and financial gain. From blocking out the sun to only paying a few dollars in taxes every year (which is still too much in his view), Mr. Burns has done some pretty awful stuff. It's no wonder practically every resident of Springfield was a suspect when he wound up getting shot. 

It's safe to say Mr. Burns is the most powerful person in Springfield, even moreso than Mayor Quimby. But he's not even technically the head honcho at the plant. Yes, Mr. Burns has a boss, and it's a pretty hilarious one at that. 

Canary M. Burns is the legal owner of the plant

The true owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is revealed in Season 14's "C.E. D'oh." Homer's trying to move up within the company, and it's at this point he overhears that the actual owner of the plant is a bird by the name of Canary M. Burns. The rationale for such a decision is that if anyone ever caught wind of the nefarious machinations of the plant, the bird would be the one to go to prison. Such a practice is all perfectly legal; Standard Oil was once owned by a half-eaten breakfast.

Of course, it's unclear what the hierarchy of the power plant looks like these days. After all, Homer let the canary loose, so Burns is back at the top. But knowing him, he probably got some other animal or inanimate object to take over the position. Everyone seems to love the inanimate rod, so perhaps that received a promotion. 

Years after the episode came out, fans continued finding hidden details to the episode that make rewatches all the more enjoyable. Redditor u/btcftw1 pointed out, "Anyone else notice that they chose a canary because it looks like Burns head? [It's] yellow, they both have a beak... it has the same initials too." We wonder what that canary is up to these days. Perhaps it's overseeing the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant ...