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The Best Naruto And Kakashi Moment According To Fans

Some things are essential when it comes to being a young Shonen anime hero. Incredible superpowers and a plucky can-do attitude are an expectant must. But before any of those qualities can be checked off the list, these powerful protagonists must have a mentor to guide them. In Masashi Kishimoto's "Naruto," our titular protagonist goes from the village's most hated to its most celebrated hero. Part of that is thanks to Naruto's personal growth and impressive heroics in the face of threats such as Pain. It's also because of the mentors who help him along the way.

Throughout the series, Naruto encounters some wise and powerful figures that mold him into the great shinobi he can be. For instance, Jiraiya's influence is felt within Naruto whenever his student performs the iconic Rasengan technique or goes Sage Mode. And Iruka arguably helps Naruto steer away from a path of darkness by being one of his earliest positive influences. Still, we'd be remiss without mentioning the influence of Kakashi Hatake on the young ninja. As the first sensei for Team 7, Kakashi feels like the attached head for Naruto and his comrades. The veteran is present for some of the most critical moments for Naruto. But there's one Naruto and Kakashi moment towards the beginning of the series that fans felt was the best.

Fans recalled a touching moment during the Land of the Waves Arc

Fans on Reddit couldn't help but pinpoint a moment where Naruto and Kakashi feel more like relatable humans than super ninja warriors. Through a posted image, many referenced a tender moment where Naruto is holding onto the vest of Kakashi while the two watch over fallen foes. The scene happens in the episode "The Demon In The Snow" (via Crunchyroll), which serves as the conclusion for the "Land of the Waves Arc." After Zabuza makes his final stand against those who betrayed him, he dies next to Haku. It's then that Naruto holds onto Kakashi's vest in an excellent emotional scene that will hardly leave any dry eyes. "This part made me cry so much, and now I'm crying again," u/jmmp00 said.

As some other fans noted, the scene is an important reminder that despite all the brutal ninja fights and astonishing abilities, Naruto is still just a kid. And Konoha is essentially sending off child soldiers to participate in some gruesome moments. Some fans also pointed out that the scene is a reminder that, at this point, Naruto didn't have too many friends. So, having Kakashi to lean on during such a tragic moment makes the scene all the more important. As u/MrLADz noted, "Knowing that Naruto didn't have many people he was close to makes this picture hit harder." 

Sometimes, the tragedies of "Naruto" hits harder than any unique technique the show can throw out.