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What Only Hardcore Law & Order Fans Noticed About This Wardrobe Detail

At this point, crime dramas have been all the rage for decades. Without question, though, the one that comes to everyone's mind as probably the most significant crime drama franchise out there is "Law & Order." The show premiered in 1990 and has 21 seasons under its belt. That's not all, though. The series' overwhelming success generated the idea for several spin-off shows as well, including "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Law & Order: UK," and the wildly popular "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," which by now towers over the franchise as a whole. With so much going on in the "Law & Order" universe, it's no wonder that all of the shows continue to be successful even to this day.

There are many moving pieces to filming "Law & Order," from writing and filming action scenes and procedural scenes to making everything look authentic. The intense storylines and the number of characters in the show undoubtedly keep every department as busy as possible. Still, lately, some fans are noticing a particular detail, specifically in the wardrobe department, and took to Reddit to discuss.

The most popular blouse on Law & Order

Something that many viewers may overlook doesn't go unnoticed by die-hard fans of "Law & Order," who don't miss even the most minor details regarding matters like the storyline and, in this case, wardrobe. 

Recently, U/Avocado-Joe shared a series of images on a Reddit post that showed a variety of actors on "Law & Order" that all have one thing in common. They're all wearing the exact same button-down blouse. The post features eight different characters all in the blouse, and who knows if there could be more. Either way, it's a distinctive outfit, and it seems interesting that it reappears so often.

U/Zealousideal-Slide98 pointed out that the shirt may just be well-loved, arguing that "Oh my gosh, that is wild! It must be the wardrobe lady's favorite shirt!!" 

This might be true — because if it works, it works, and why buy a new outfit when you can just reuse a previous one? U/TimboMcGee112 added to the point by mentioning why it must be a wardrobe department favorite: "Shout out to that blouse for its versatility — that's a great blouse." The blouse in question, which appears to look great on everyone, is a button-down with blue and green designs that has now become somewhat of its own character on the show, and it will go down in "Law & Order" history thanks to some very loyal viewers.