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The Pieces Of Her Character Fans Thought Almost Ruined The Show

Netflix's "Pieces of Her" is an inspired take on the retired badass genre, made famous by movies like "Taken," "John Wick," and "Nobody." Instead of focusing on the mysterious person with a dark and violent history, the show shifts its gaze on that person's daughter instead. Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) moves back to her home town to be with her mother Laura (Toni Collette), who's been struggling with her health. When they get caught in the middle of a shooting incident, Laura takes care of the situation in an expert and ruthless fashion that doesn't really befit an unassuming small town resident. This creates a domino effect that leads to a number of dangerous situations and dark revelations. 

With an intriguing premise and a stellar cast, "Pieces of Her" seems like a must-watch for fans of the thriller drama genre. However, some fans have noted that one particular character almost manages to ruin the entire show for them. Let's find out who that is. Warning: Discussion of a major "Pieces of Her" plot twist follows, so proceed with caution if you haven't seen the show yet.

Some fans aren't happy with young Jane Queller

"Pieces of Her" is all about finding out who Laura Oliver is, and the answer to the question is much stranger and creepier than your average "retired secret agent" situation. Laura's true identity is Jane Queller, the sister of powerful politician Jasper Queller (David Wenham) and daughter of super-rich pharma executive Martin Queller (Terry O'Quinn). She was romantically involved with terrorist Nick Harp (Played by Joe Dempsie and Aaron Jeffery), and when she became pregnant with Andy, she also became involved in a dangerous plot. Jessica Barden plays young Jane in the flashback scenes, but unfortunately, some fans on Reddit feel that her character doesn't really work. 

"She had no emotions as she acted and it was painful to watch. Incredibly painful to watch. This show would be so much better if they had casted someone else," u/hillythenurse opined.

Some felt that the situation isn't the actor's fault, and thought that Barden was simply miscast for this particular role. "Jessica Barden is a very capable actress ... but I thought she was dreadful in this ... she struggled with the accent, very stilted. Genuine question did she have false teeth in?!" u/gmisk81 wondered. 

Other redditors noted that the reason young Jane doesn't really work goes way deeper than casting. "I think it's a direction/writing problem, not a casting problem. She looks nothing like Toni Collette, sure, but the way all the flashback scenes are written I don't think that was the actress's choice," u/oldcarfreddy pointed out. 

It's no doubt a grand task to portray the younger version of a character played by formidable "Hereditary" star Toni Collette, but unfortunately, it appears that young Jane doesn't quite cut it for many fans.