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The Zuko Reunion We Never Got To See In Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nickelodeon's classic series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" has touched many hearts. The animated show brings to life a fantastical world that explores deep thematic elements. One of the most emotional story arcs is the journey that Prince Zuko (Dante Basco) embarks on. 

First introduced as the villainous representative of the Fire Nation, Zuko must overcome his own self-loathing to become the prince he is always meant to be. Though he backslides, the final season culminates in a satisfying encounter as Zuko faces Firelord Ozai (Mark Hamill) in a moment of triumph, finally coming to terms with the horrors that are committed against him and the entire world by his father.

After so much fighting and turmoil, Zuko overcomes his trauma, makes real friends, and reconciles with his girlfriend Mai (Cricket Leigh). However, there is one other person who Zuko makes a connection with earlier on in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" who never makes a reappearance on screen.

Zuko only meets Jin again in a short form story

Prince Zuko never has the best luck with the ladies. With his constant search for the Avatar, there is never time for romance. Though Zuko eventually finds love with Mai, many fans may remember that she isn't his first date in the show. While living undercover in Ba Sing Se with Iroh (Mako Iwamatsu/Greg Baldwin), Zuko comes into contact with a nice girl named Jin (Marcella Lentz-Pope). The two go on a fairly awkward date, but she successfully helps Zuko get in touch with his more sensitive side.

Jin is never seen again in the show, but she does appear in "Going Home Again," a comic book short story that was released in "Nick Mag Presents: Avatar: The Last Airbender" (via Avatar Wiki), and later re-released as part of the comic book "The Lost Adventures" published by Dark Horse Comics. The story takes place after the fall of Ba Sing Se before Zuko and Azula (Grey Griffin) set sail back to the Fire Nation. 

The romance between Zuko and Mai is thrown for a loop when they are walking in the city and run into Zuko's former date. Jin recognizes Zuko as Lee, the circus performer he pretends to be instead of the heir to the Fire Nation. What could end in disaster is actually saved when Mai plays along. She pretends to be part of Zuko's cover story, allowing the ruse to continue. 

Jin and Zuko are certainly not meant to be. Relationships built on a lie are not a good foundation for happiness. Instead, this small adventure further illustrates that Zuko's affections are solely for Mai, and it's a heartfelt moment in building their relationship.