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Mutant Football League 2 - What We Know So Far

For gamers whose love of sports is only outmatched by their love of hideous creatures, the announcement of "Mutant Football League 2" will come as a thrilling surprise. Naturally, "Mutant Football League 2" will be the sequel to "Mutant Football League," though there's even more history behind the upcoming new installment in the wacky series. "Mutant Football League" is actually the spiritual successor to Sega Genesis title "Mutant League Football" from 1993. The 2017 game was brought to life through a successful Kickstarter, and the rest of the ghastly, goofy story is history.

Now, it's time for the next chapter of "MFL." Widely announced through an exclusive IGN update on April 21, 2022, the news about "Mutant Football League 2" is still quite fresh, though hardcore fans may have peeped some first-look screenshots back in March. As exciting as the news may be, the flip side is that there are still a lot of details left to learn about the latest installment in the budding "MFL" series.

Created by Chicago suburbs-based indie studio Digital Dreams Entertainment, "Mutant Football League 2" will be the third game from the team, alongside its predecessor and a unique FPS called "Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt." Though it's early on in the story of "MFL 2," the info available thus far should give fans a telling glimpse at what's to come.

Mutant Football League 2 release date

Currently, there is no release date for "Mutant Football League 2." While it's common for developers to take some time to commit to even a window, especially smaller indie teams, the reason DDE hasn't given a timeline is a heavy one.

Though DDE holds its headquarters near Chicago, it also has many developers based in its second location in Kyiv, Ukraine. Due to the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine, it follows that the game is impacted by the developers' tragic situation.

Despite this unfortunate reality, the team behind "MFL 2" is continuing to promote the game they've worked hard on. And, the team has started a fundraiser for people enduring deadly conditions through charity Nova Ukraine. So far, the aid effort has raised over $2 million of its $3 million goal. There's also a T-shirt fundraiser that DDE has spearheaded to help its devs in Ukraine as well as other residents facing similar tribulations. It seems likely DDE will continue to post consistent updates on its "MFL" social media channels regarding where the game stands.

Mutant Football League 2 platforms

"Mutant Football League 2" is set to release on next-gen consoles. According to a comment shared on the "MFL" Facebook page by DDE, "Currently, we are working on 'MFL 2' for XBox Series X, PS5, & PC. We believe we will also be able to ship on XBox One & PS4. We are still figuring out our SKU plan. We are not even at first playable yet, so other than new gen, everything is TBD – including the Switch. We're pushing the graphics hard on new gen systems."

Although there's still some ambiguity around console availability, the statement from DDE seems hopeful that "MFL 2" will branch out to other consoles eventually. After all, its predecessor was available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC, so it would be wise to offer the sequel on some of the same consoles to keep fans without next-gen consoles invested in the franchise.

As for the choice to focus on next-gen, the goal is that players will get a polished and modern graphic experience rooted in physically based rendering. In the words of DDE, "Improved lighting and shadow effects, smoother animations, and a more advanced collision system are just some of the planned improvements."

Mutant Football League 2 gameplay

Since it is a sequel, "Mutant Football League 2" will feature much of what players love about the fast-paced, action-packed original that offers a bloodbath game of ball, vast choices for team customization and strategy, and opportunities for solo, co-op, and competitive play. Basically, "MFL 2" will do everything the first game did and then some.

As IGN shared in its exclusive article announcing the game, "'Mutant Football League 2 will feature more mutants, more game modes, upgraded visuals and online play, custom teams, an improved Dynasty Supreme franchise mode, and new shifts to gameplay such as changing weather during matches and the addition of an eighth player to the field." Dynasty Supreme franchise mode will feature drafting and the opportunity for players to create their own custom teams, according to GameRant.

Another big change coming to "MFL 2" is the upgrade from 7v7 to 8v8 gameplay. This update, along with many others, should offer more than enough new strategic choices for "MFL" fans without totally reinventing the wheel. All in all, "Mutant Football League 2" seems to have a lot going for it, and in time, more updates are sure to come.