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Pro Tips You Need To Play Halo Infinite Multiplayer

The "Halo Infinite" multiplayer came out of the gate hot with a surprise launch a few weeks ahead of its scheduled release date. Now, players looking to dominate the battlefield in Arena, Big Team Battle, or ranked are going to need a few tips to compete with rivals who have been at it since day one. While being generally good at first-person shooters is important, there are a few minor things to keep in mind that can give you an edge over the other team.

It's crucial to know the layout of the maps in "Halo Infinite" multiplayer – even if some of them aren't as good as the others. It's also important to be knowledgeable about the weapons, since this could give you an edge when picking up a new gun or when your opponent is coming at you with something outside of the box. It also helps to know which guns are even worth picking up in the first place, since some of them are significantly superior. Here's some pro tips to help you win in "Halo Infinite" multiplayer.

Disable auto clamber

Clamber (or mantling as it is referred to in other games) lets you pull yourself up and over a ledge that you don't have enough height to reach otherwise. In "Halo Infinite" the option to automatically clamber when at a ledge is on by default. You will want to disable this so you can manually choose to clamber over ledges using the jump button. The reason you want to do this is to avoid the somewhat common situation where you might be jumping around in a firefight and end up clambering up a ledge when you don't want to.

While this doesn't happen all the time, it is better to control exactly when you clamber instead of letting the game decide for you when it should happen. The option can be found in Settings under Controller in the Movement and Aiming section. This won't be the biggest game-changer, but it does give you more control over your movements.

Use precision weapons

Using precision weapons, like the Pistol or the Battle Rifle, will massively improve your gameplay in "Halo Infinite" multiplayer. While many of the non-ranked game modes have you spawn with an Assault Rifle in your hands, you almost always have a Pistol as well and other precision weapons can be found around the map. The reason for this is that in a 1-on-1 fight, you can kill your enemy quicker with precision weapons. Once a player's shield is broken, it only takes one shot to the head from any precision weapon to eliminate them. Weapons like an Assault Rifle will still take someone down quickly once their shield is broken, but not as fast as a headshot.

It's important to note that this advice applies to the regular weapons in the game. When it comes to power weapons, you should take those over a precision weapon. Don't go dropping a Rocket Launcher for a Pistol just because it's a precision weapon.

Move as a team

This advice is primarily for the 4v4 Arena game mode, but it's important to move as a team across the map. While all four of you don't need to be attached at the hip the entire match, it's helpful, at a minimum, to always have a buddy with you. The reason for this is that if you run into two or three enemies at once, unless you have a power weapon or are already a pro "Halo Infinite" player, you will probably get killed without even taking down one of them. If you move around with your teammates, you have a better chance of winning those fights or catching a single enemy by themselves.

This advice doesn't apply to Big Team Battle as the mode is 12v12 and you likely will always be with a couple teammates anyway. It would be rare that you could find multiple enemies without any of your teammates around unless they are all just flat out ignoring the objective.

Plasma for shields, bullets for armor

Not every "Halo Infinite" weapon is built the same. Beyond just damage and output, there are three types of weapons in "Halo Infinite:" Kinetic, Plasma, and Electric. Kinetic weapons are just regular bullets, Plasma are primarily weapons made by the Covenant, and Electric covers the Disruptor and the Shock Rifle. Shock damage is focused on disabling vehicles, so that's less useful. The primary thing to know here is that Plasma weapons deal more damage to shields and Kinetic weapons deal more damage to unshielded enemies.

While switching weapons in the middle of a fight isn't always the best move, this information is important to know to give you a slight advantage. If you find yourself with both a Plasma weapon and a Kinetic weapon, it makes sense to use the Plasma to break the shield and use the Kinetic weapon to finish the job. A classic combination is using the Plasma Pistol full charge to break someone's shield and using the Battle Rifle to finish them off. You might get accused of being cheap, but it's effective — especially for beginners.

Play the objective

This might appear to be a "no brainer" of a pro tip, but if you want to win in "Halo Infinite" you need to play the objective. There are plenty of first-person shooters, like "Call of Duty," where players can actively ignore the objective in favor of going on massive kill streaks and still win. "Halo Infinite" does not work that way. In objective modes like Strongholds, Capture the Flag, and Oddball, if you aren't actively scoring points or playing the objective, you will lose, regardless of your K/D. 

Obviously, getting kills is an important part of winning objective modes, but if someone on your team isn't actively holding the skull in Oddball because you're focused on wins, it's time spent not scoring points. A team can easily snowball and win an objective mode while losing in kills if they are laser-focused. "Halo Infinite" has a Slayer-only playlist, so if all you want to do is slaughter the enemy team stick to those modes.