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The Worst CSI: Miami Season 3 Episode

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" changed the way procedurals could be depicted on television. The show brought together an elite team of professionals to analyze a given crime scene and come up with a cavalcade of potential suspects. It's an idea prone to numerous spinoffs seeing how the concept can be so easily transplanted to other locales. So it shouldn't have come as a surprise when "CSI: Miami" debuted in 2002. 

The show ran for 10 seasons and saw an elite group of detectives in the Sunshine State tackle hundreds of cases. Led by Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso), the team had numerous outstanding cases that made audiences fall in love with the show time and time again. With 10 seasons to its name, it's safe to say the show delivered the goods on multiple occasions, but as any show knows all too well, not every episode can win fans over. And during your next "CSI: Miami" binge-watch, there's a Season 3 episode that's probably worth a skip. 

IMDb lists One Night Stand as the worst Season 3 episode

IMDb allows users to rate episodes of any TV show they can think of, and while "CSI: Miami" enjoys a fairly good reputation on the platform, not every installment can be a winner. As evidence, just look at Season 3, Episode 14, "One Night Stand."

The episode has earned itself a rating of 6.8/10 out of 290 rankings. As such, it reaches the distinction of the lowest score of the entire season on IMDb. On the surface, the episode sounds par for the course of "CSI: Miami," with the plot kicking off when a hotel's bellman is found murdered. Afterward, the team stumbles upon a massive counterfeiting operation.

No user reviews have been left on the episode's IMDb page, so it's unclear what exactly about the episode has rubbed fans the wrong way. More than likely, it just didn't connect with fans the same way some of the higher-rated episodes have, such as Season 3's "Lost Son," which has amassed an impressive rating of 7.6/10.