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Gold Rush Fans Know Exactly What They Want To See In Season 13

There are not too many reality shows that can hold viewers' attention for as long as Discovery's "Gold Rush." The series has aired over 270 episodes and recently wrapped up its 12th season, not to mention the number of spinoffs to come from it — so it's safe to say fans love the series (via IMDb). While "Gold Rush" doesn't have the hair-pulling antics of "The Real Housewives" or the juicy romance of "The Bachelor," it still has all of the drama reality TV fans know and love. The series follows a group of gold miners in Alaska and the Yukon region as they try to find the mother lode of gold. Between the mining crews, there's plenty of greed, fighting, and family drama to keep viewers entertained.

As of now, there's no official word yet on "Gold Rush" Season 13. Since according to People Magazine the show is Discovery's most-watched title, it's hard to imagine why there wouldn't be another season. For now, though, fans have been busy discussing what they would like to see in a possible Season 13.

Gold Rush fans want to see more behind-the-scenes content

"Gold Rush" Season 12 just wrapped up in March, but fans are already chatting about Season 13 despite not knowing if it's on the way. Season 12 saw series stars Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis take to the mining fields again after the COVID-19 pandemic forced shutdowns. Schnabel is hoping to expand his business, Beets attempts to beat his mining record, and Ness looks for a profitable season to make up for his big loss in Season 11. Meanwhile, newcomer Lewis joins the fray and searches for his own mine to make it big (per People).

With Season 12 over, some fans are wishing to see less of Lewis next season. On a Reddit thread that asks fans what they want to see in Season 13, u/Monsterkillers responded, "Less Fred, perhaps every 10th episode they can check in on him." User u/Thiskygirl agreed and added, "More Parker, no Fred, show more of what they do during the off-season."

Other fans also want to see more of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the mining process. User u/gxryan wrote that they want to see "Before and after pictures of the land after reclamation," while u/Lostules added, "It would be interesting to see where the gold is sent and the percentage of non-gold/sellable waste it contains." Additionally, u/seajayacas wants to see a different behind-the-scenes detail: "I would like to know how and when all that equipment gets moved when they switch mine locations."