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The Heartwarming Chicago Med Scene Marlyne Barrett Calls Her Favorite

There's a lot of tension to be found in "Chicago Med." After all, the show deals with the emergency department at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. The focus places the doctors and nurses front and center as they work tirelessly to save patients' lives. When people are sick or injured, there isn't always time to reflect on the good parts of life. However, every so often, a moment comes along that fills viewers' hearts with joy.

Some of the best moments on "Chicago Med" have involved a patient getting better or two characters getting involved romantically. More than likely, it's these types of scenes that fans would consider among their favorites. And as it turns out, the actors themselves feel similarly to the more hopeful scenes. That's the case with Marlyne Barrett, who plays Maggie Lockwood in the series. She spoke about her favorite scene on the show, and it's one filled with hope.

Barrett's favorite scene is when Maggie finds out she's cancer-free

The characters on "Chicago Med" all have their personal struggles they go through outside of what's happening with their patients. They learn to juggle the two lives so that they can provide the best care possible while ensuring themselves and their loved ones are cared for outside of work. For Maggie Lockwood, that entailed contending with cancer after a diagnosis in Season 5. 

In the episode "Never Going Back to Normal," Maggie receives a mammogram and discovers she has metastatic adenocarcinoma. She then pursues treatment, which lasts for quite a while on the show. As such, it should come as no surprise to hear what actress Marlyne Barrett's favorite scene on the show was. As she told in an interview during a Chi-Hard fan event, "When I think about my favorite scene, I think it's when I received the diagnostic that Maggie was cancer-free."

Barrett would also speak on her character living cancer-free now and the possibility it could return to Cinema Blend. She explained, "[The possible pregnancy] was a little glimpse on, you know, sometimes things like that do recur, and how is she living with that? How do you live with the shadow of the possibility of getting ill again?" It's clear this arc will carry on for Maggie, but with Barrett embodying the character, it will continue to resonate with audiences.