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This Look At Jeffrey Wright As The MCU's Live-Action Watcher Is Seriously Cosmic

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a massive franchise since its inception with 2008's "Iron Man." Based on only the films alone, the MCU has grossed over $25 billion worldwide (via The Numbers). With the launch of Disney+, the studio has been afforded the opportunity to expand the universe even further, with various television shows. Many of these series focus on the supporting characters from the films who haven't gotten a lot of time to shine or introduce new characters, like the recently released "Moon Knight" miniseries.

"What If...?," on the other hand, has shown that it's also possible for Marvel to go into bolder and stranger directions with its major characters. "What If...?" is an animated anthology series that dives into alternate realities throughout the MCU's newly formed Multiverse and shows fans how different its franchise could have been if characters had made slightly different decisions or certain events had played out differently. Tying each episode together is Jeffrey Wright's Watcher, an advanced alien being who — you guessed it — watches the Multiverse without interfering in the events that unfold.

While Wright played the Watcher strictly in animated form, one fan has imagined what he would look like in a live-action version of the role.

A user on Reddit has created fan art of Jeffrey Wright as a live-action Watcher

On the r/marvelstudios subreddit, u/i-drive posted some art of Jeffrey Wright as a live-action Watcher, and it is definitely cosmic. The art features the telltale physical trait of a rather large head, only with a very distinct impression that the character is being played by Jeffrey Wright. It's a gorgeous piece of art that begs the question "Will fans ever get to see Wright step into the role for a live-action MCU project?"

Obviously, there's no way to be certain. Considering that the live-action MCU films are starting to explore the Multiverse heavily, there's every chance that fans could see Wright's particular Watcher make an appearance sooner or later. Until then, Disney has confirmed via Twitter that fans will be getting more of "What If...?" soon enough. Surely that will mean more of the Watcher, especially considering the Season 1 finale, which saw his character break his own rules and interfere in the events that were unfolding, bringing characters from different realities together in order to stop Ultron (Ross Marquand) from conquering the Multiverse.