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Elden Ring: What's The Most Powerful Greataxe?

In "Elden Ring" you can find a vast amount of weapons across the Lands Between, so knowing which one is the best or what works well with your build can be an overwhelming task. If you are rocking the classic strength build, you have tons of different weapons to choose from, including massive swords and great hammers. Strength players can also wield massive greataxes, which provide high strength to deal a ton of damage in a single swing. While there are plenty of weapons to choose from, there is one greataxe that stands out among the rest.

Other players might prefer more dexterity-focused weapons like katanas, or going with magic focused builds, but elite players know there is nothing better than whacking enemies with the biggest two-handed weapon you can find. Some "Elden Ring" fans believe they have figured out what the game's eventual DLC will be, but before it arrives, there will surely be more weapons to collect and use. Here is the best greataxe in "Elden Ring."

The Rusted Anchor greataxe

Perhaps not the greataxe you were expecting, the Rusted Anchor is the best greataxe to use, especially with strength builds. While there are plenty of boss weapon greataxes, what makes the Rusted Anchor superior is its strength scaling and flexibility. At max level, it has B-level strength scaling with E-level dexterity scaling. Its physical damage is a whopping 360, higher than all the other greataxes, and it boasts 164 stagger at max level as well. Another great thing about it is that it can be acquired early in the game, by defeating the Scaly Misbegotten boss at the end of Morne Tunnel in the Weeping Peninsula.

The Rusted Anchor is also flexible because it's not considered a unique weapon. This means that you can swap out the Ash of War special weapon ability and you can use all different types of grease on it. This allows you to apply different types of abilities to it and have special damage types, perfect for any situation. Plus, the weapon looks absolutely ridiculous when two-handed, which is what every player wants out of a massive strength weapon.