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This Is Where Doc Hollywood Was Actually Filmed

Actor Michael J. Fox is the king of playing dorky, lovable characters. Most famously, he is known for portraying Marty McFly in the 1985 blockbuster "Back to the Future" and its sequels, but he also starred in some underrated comedic and heartwarming gems – principally among them: 1991's "Doc Hollywood."

In the movie directed by Michael Caton-Jones, based on Neil B. Shulman's semi-autobiographical novel "What? Dead...Again?," Fox plays Dr. Ben Stone, a soon-to-be hotshot plastic surgeon who's just finished his residency in Washington D.C. Eager to obtain status and wealth, he sets out to drive across the country to Beverly Hills, CA, for a life-changing job interview with top surgeon, Dr. Halberstrom (George Hamilton). However, Ben runs into some complications with his car and gets stranded in the little town of Grady, South Carolina. During his time there, he falls in love with a local woman named Lou (Julie Warner) and has to make some tough decisions.

"Doc Hollywood" was somewhat successful for a smaller-budget studio film — earning over $50 million according to Box Office Mojo — despite mixed critical reviews (via Rotten Tomatoes). While this sweet film is sure to put a smile on your face, you might wonder where they filmed the fictitious town of Grady.

Doc Hollywood was actually filmed in Florida

Although the film is set in the fictional South Carolina town of Grady (the Squash Capital of the South), a majority of "Doc Hollywood" was filmed on-location in the towns of Micanopy and McIntosh in Florida. Both are south of Gainesville. According to Herald Tribune, the director wanted Grady to represent a small town with a communal feel, cleverly integrating and utilizing the town's architectural offerings into the mis-en-scene of the movie (such as the classic Queen Anne style Benjamin Fontaine House, which was turned into Grady Memorial Hospital). With under 1,000 residents, Micanopy offered generous hospitality during the shoot (via Data USA). 

Per The Gainesville Sun, Micanopy is a quaint place where travelers visit to spend their leisure time and check out the handful of charming antique shops located on Cholokka Boulevard, the town's main street. Established around 1820 (via Chicago Tribune), this unique town retains much of its old charm. Micanopy invokes a peaceful atmosphere and serves as a reminder to slow down, a lesson that Ben Stone eventually learns and comes to appreciate.

As mentioned on the AFI Catalog page for the film, "Doc Hollywood" also filmed some parts of the movie in and around Los Angeles, California, as Ben finally makes it to Beverly Hills at one point in the movie.