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The Worst Find On American Pickers Season 2

There are a few things you can always expect out of an episode of "American Pickers." You can be certain Mike Wolfe will be there with whoever his partner is to dig up old treasures. They'll hunt high and low looking for the perfect item to bring back to their shop, and Wolfe's willing to throw money at pretty much anything, provided it can turn a profit.

Over the years, Wolfe has found plenty of items that have caught his fancy. He's purchased everything from old toys to vintage vehicles and everything in between. He's gotten his hands dirty and called in experts, all to restore items with potential and give them new homes. However, not every find can be a winner. Wolfe has stumbled upon some real stinkers, and while he's hesitant to even offer money on something that's a risk, that doesn't deter us from calling something the worst find of the season.

A seller wanted way too much for an old oil lamp

In Season 2, Episode 2, "Buddy's Booby Trap," Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz find a man who has a trove of old antiques lying around. The man's property is packed to the brim with old stuff, a lot of which looks like junk. However, the duo manage to find a few items that strike their fancy, including an old award and an antique Donald Duck toy. There was another item that the guys seemed to like: an old oil lamp.

Wolfe pointed it out and mentioned how he liked the color. Ordinarily, one would expect him to make an offer, but when they asked the owner how much he wanted for the lamp, he responded, "$400." Fritz seemed to know more about these lamps than your average layman, and he said that the top price they could possibly sell it for would be $100. He'd only go so high as $65 to buy it off the man, but they don't even negotiate. 

The lamp stayed behind, and while it's not a bad piece by any means, it's a prime example of how sometimes the pickers need to know when to walk away.