Thelma Trailer Releases A Destructive Power

A student goes off to college and begins to manifest a great, destructive power in the trailer for Joachim Trier's supernatural thriller Thelma.

Following a shy young woman played by Elli Harboe, Thelma takes place during the title character's first year at a university in Oslo, where she begins to suffer seizures that are accompanied by increasingly powerful, inexplicable phenomena. At the same time, she develops an attraction to a fellow student named Anja (Okay Kaya)—but as their relationship grows more intense, so too does the potency of Thelma's dangerous and violent episodes. 

Thelma is the fourth feature from Norwegian director Joachim Trier, who previously directed Louder Than BombsOslo, August 31st and Reprise. The movie has received critical accolades from film festivals at which its been screened so far, and is also Norway's pick for their country's submission to the foreign language category at the next Academy Awards.

Thelma is set to be released in its native Norway on September 15, with an opening in theaters in North America to follow on November 10. Watch the trailer above, and have a look at the poster for the movie down below. For more news on upcoming movies that can't be missed, check out our feature on movies that will blow everyone away in 2019