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The Best Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode According To IMDb

"Blue Bloods" has safely secured its place among the best police procedurals of all time. The show's been on the air for well over a decade at this point, and as a result, audiences have seen hundreds of stories involving the central Reagan family. From Jamie (Will Estes) being a beat cop to Frank (Tom Selleck) being the police commissioner and everyone in between, the Reagans have taken it upon themselves to help make New York City safer, and they've put plenty of bad guys behind bars over the years. 

You don't get past 10 seasons without maintaining a certain level of quality, and "Blue Bloods" has undoubtedly won over its fanbase repeatedly. That's evident just by scrolling through the show's IMDb rankings. The series' episodes rank consistently high, with fans tending to love one episode after the next. But some deserve special attention for how good they are, and in Season 7, there's one episode that stands head and shoulders above the others.

Unbearable Loss is a favorite amongst fans

When looking at all the rankings of episodes among Season 7, it's clear that the favorite is Episode 10, "Unbearable Loss." The episode sees Frank teaming up with an outspoken critic of his after the man's son is murdered. They have to learn to set aside their differences so that they can bring the boy's killer to justice.

Out of over 300 ratings, the episode has amassed an overall ranking of 8.4/10. It's an impressive feat, especially seeing how many episodes in that same season haven't broken an 8.0/10. While no fans have left reviews for this particular installment, it's easy to see why it's such a hit by checking out other reviews online. The episode's review on TV Fanatic reads, "This emotionally raw installment turned out to be one of my favorite episodes so far of 'Blue Bloods' Season 7."

The episode certainly lives up to its title, depicting a man who's just lost his son. It's more than any parent should have to go through, and it forces Frank and the rest of the Reagans to reconsider what they truly value.