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Get A Sneak Peek At A Tense Handoff From Tokyo Vice Episode 8 - Exclusive Clip

Based on the book of the same name, "Tokyo Vice" is the newest original series to make its way to HBO Max. Taking place in 1999, the story follows journalist Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort), who has relocated to Tokyo to become a staff member at a prestigious Japanese newspaper. He goes under the tutelage of detective Hiroto Katagiri (Ken Watanabe), who brings him into the dark, seedy world of the Japanese yakuza.

The show's first seven episodes are currently available for people to binge before the explosive season finale airs on April 28. It certainly sounds like it's worth your time if critics' reviews are any indication. John Doyle of The Globe and Mail wrote, "At times 'Tokyo Vice' teases that a gritty, fast-paced thriller is about to ignite, but it pulls back, taking time and space to reveal that, really, the central character is not the foreigner Jake, but it is Tokyo itself in all its complicated moods."

To tease what's bound to be an explosive finale, Looper has been provided an exclusive clip from Episode 8 of Season 1. In it, a standoff takes place where a woman's life hangs in the balance.

Samantha and Akira are stuck in a bind

At the beginning of the exclusive clip, Samantha (Rachel Keller) meets up with Akira (Tomohisa Yamashita) with a bag full of yen. It's everything she has, and they remain vigilant for a blue van in which Polina (Ella Rumpf) is supposedly held captive. It isn't long until the van shows up, and the guys driving it are all business. They want the money right then and there, but Samantha is adamant that they lay eyes on Polina first to ensure she's safe. 

Samantha tries to take care of the transaction herself, but the guys in the van only want to deal with Akira since he's the one they spoke to previously. Samantha just wants to make sure Polina's all right, but the men will only show her once the money's handed over. 

To see how the standoff plays out, tune into "Tokyo Vice" Season 1 Episode 8 on HBO Max on April 28, starting at midnight PST.