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What Happens When You Scan The QR Code In Moon Knight Episode 5

Episode 5 of Marvel's "Moon Knight" may just be the series' most confusing episode to date — which is definitely saying something, considering how often the show seems to blur the line between psychological horror and superhero action. Episode 5 (aptly titled "Asylum") picks after the climactic finale of episode 4: wherein Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) was shot by the fanatical cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), and it is revealed that Marc Spector and his alternate personality Steven Grant are dead and traveling on a boat through the Egyptian underworld.

"Asylum" follows this journey through the underworld as the souls of Spector and Grant are judged by a deity named Taweret (Antonia Salib). The episode frequently jumps between time and space, shifting between scenes that showcase Spector and Grant's shared memories and scenes wherein the two argue with an imagined version of Arthur Harrow. The result is a confusing but poignant journey that allows Spector to finally accept Grant as an essential part of himself — though this reconciliation falls apart quickly when their boat is attacked by vengeful spirits and Grant falls overboard.

The episode jumps between characters and timelines with reckless abandon, and as such there are plenty of small details and hidden easter eggs scattered throughout the chaos that is "Asylum." One such easter egg is a small QR code that appears exactly 12 minutes into the episode, which can actually be scanned by the viewers at home to receive a secret prize.

Scanning the code will unlock a free Moon Knight comic

Around 12 minutes into "Asylum," Steven Grant approaches a doorway housing one of the many memories that Marc Spector has kept secret from him. On the wall beside that doorway is a small QR code, which (once scanned) brings the viewer to Marvel.com/MoonKnightComics, where they can read the premiere issue of "Moon Knight" (1980) completely free of charge. The webpage itself reads "Read a free Moon Knight comic book that inspired the series, streaming exclusively on Disney+." While this particular comic, by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, wasn't the Fist of Khonshu's first appearance — that occurred five years earlier in 1975's "Werewolf by Night" #32 — it was this issue that first established the consistent narrative about Moon Knight's origin story, from his association with Bushman to his resurrection in the tomb.

The Marvel website also goes on to clarify that these free "Moon Knight" comic books are updated weekly, and that fans can check back each week to read more of the comics that served as an inspiration for the series as a whole. Indeed, these hidden QR codes seem to be a regular occurrence throughout "Moon Knight" as there has been one found in every episode of the series to date. One has to assume that Episode 6 will be no different, though considering the immense cliffhanger left after episode five, we doubt that this next QR code will be the top priority for fans waiting to see how Spector and Grant's story ends.