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The Holidays Will Never Be The Same In NSFW A Bad Moms Christmas Trailer

The bad moms are putting the ass back in Christmas in the newest NSFW trailer for A Bad Moms Christmas. The movie, a sequel to 2016's Bad Moms, will see the three under-appreciated mothers rebelling against the challenges of the holidays through some not so nice behavior.

"I've always loved Christmas, but as a mom it's a lot of work," Kunis' Amy begins the trailer. "In between the wrapping, the shopping, the cooking, the decorating, there's almost no time to actually enjoy it." The trailer shows off just how hard the holiday can be for moms by featuring Kristen Bell's Kiki requesting that her young son stop drinking the water from under the tree "because we're people."

Unfortunately for the already put-upon moms, the holiday is about to get even worse for them when their own mothers show up in town. Amy describes her mom (Christine Baranski) as "the most critical human being on the planet," while Carla's (Kathryn Hahn) mother (Susan Sarandon) seems a bit spaced out, thinking she's visiting for Easter. Kiki's mother (Cheryl Hines), meanwhile, has shown up with the same haircut as her daughter, who she says will be her "best friend forever." (They did go to prom together, after all.) 

Making the holiday even more stressful is the fact that Baranski's character is looking to throw a party with nearly 200 people at Amy's house. While Amy is concerned with how much the elaborate party decorations cost, Baranski assures her that you can't "put a price tag on wonder." 

Eventually, the bad moms decide that they want to take Christmas back. "No more perfect gifts, no more perfect decorations, no more perfect anything," Amy says, as the group begins to take shots in the mall food court. The rest of the trailer shows off some of the raunchy, R-rated fun that the characters have come to be known for, promising a sequel that lives up to the original.

Jay Hernandez, Wanda Sykes, Peter Gallagher, Justin Hartley, and Oona Laurence also star in A Bad Moms Christmas, which reunites the first film's writing and directing duo Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, both previously of the Hangover franchise. The movie is set for a Nov. 3 release; while we wait, see some of the other movies you have to look forward to this fall.