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The Finale Detail That Always Worries One Chicago Stars According To Joe Minoso

From the firefighters of "Chicago Fire" to the police officers of "Chicago P.D." and the medical professionals of "Chicago Med," the characters of the "One Chicago" franchise tend to be fearless professionals who are always ready to face any given crisis at the forefront. Still, brave as these first responders may be, they're still human beings with their own hopes and dreads. Of course, they're also played by actors who have their own feelings that may be completely unrelated to their characters' personalities. 

Then again, such diverse emotional spectrum is not always the case. There are some worries that unite human beings to stand as one, and according to Joe Minoso — who's played firefighter Joe Cruz in "Chicago Fire" since 2012 — there's one very particular worry that's shared by every single actor in the franchise's shows, and it tends to come up whenever a season is about to reach its end. Let's take a look at the finale detail that Minoso says always worries "One Chicago" stars. 

One Chicago stars fear their characters won't make it through the season finale

In a recent interview with US Weekly, Joe Minoso revealed that the franchise's actors have a bit of a collective panic every year when their respective shows are nearing their season finale, and the reason for this is very simple: They're afraid that it might mark the final appearance for their character. According to Minoso, this dread particularly affects the cast of the two shows where characters are in constant physical danger. "I think for 'Chicago Fire' and 'PD', the cast worries," he said. "'Med', it's a little harder for the doctors to die, but it is definitely something that's always at the back of your head. Any given episode can be your last." 

The "One Chicago" franchise doesn't shy away from shocking moments in big episodes, and every actor is worried that this might be the year that fate finally comes knocking for their character. "This time of year, especially, everybody's like, 'Oh man, what's gonna happen in the finale? What's gonna happen in the finale?' We're all freaking out every year. No one is ever safe. And you try to say, 'I feel, like, pretty good.'"

Considering that one of the most prominent "finale victims" in the franchise has been none other than Joe Cruz's friend Otis Zvonecek (played by Minoso's real-life friend Yuriy Sardarov), it's not surprising that Minoso has been paying attention to the trend.