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The Most Iconic Naruto Scene According To Fans

The popular anime "Naruto," which follows young Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become a mighty ninja, started airing in Japan in 2002, before making its way to America in 2005. Well, the first part of it, anyway. The second part, which is based on the second part of the manga, is still airing weekly in the U.S. on Cartoon Network's Toonami block (via ComicBook). Since even the second part, known as "Naruto: Shippuden," has completed its original run in Japan, we know that there's a total of over 700 episodes, although not all of them have aired in America.

Still, English-speaking audiences have made it far enough to be able to look back on earlier episodes with the nostalgia of years and, considering how "Naruto" is packed with superpowers and creatures and fights that range from awesome to ridiculous and back to awesome again, there's plenty for fans to admire with fondness. There are few moments, though, that shine equally bright for everyone in memory. Here's the most iconic scene of "Naruto," according to the fans.

Naruto's entrance to battle Pain is considered the most iconic moment

In the "Naruto" subreddit, one fan called u/Arrioso made a post celebrating the show's longevity by talking about one of their favorite moments. The moment in question is from Episode 163 of "Naruto: Shippuden," and it shows Naruto as he appears on the edge of a village that the character Pain has laid waste to. The reason the scene is so iconic is that Naruto appears atop a great toad (a powerful, summonable beast), who's atop another, even bigger toad. The visual is both grand and hilarious in the face of a massacre.

The comments were full of "Naruto" fans celebrating the memorable scene. U/Thorn0427 went as far as to suggest it might be the most iconic scene throughout the whole series. U/cMk added that they wished that Naruto got to keep the flowing cape he wears in the episode, which makes everything look just a little bit more dramatic. While nearly everyone agreed with u/Arrioso, u/roxicod0ne offered another moment for the number one spot. "I'll never forget when Lee drops them weights," they said. Considering how their comment was the most upvoted in the thread, it's certainly a popular opinion.

Perhaps the most interesting thing here is how cordial the entire thread was. "Naruto" fans know how to share their joy and keep it joyful, even when the moment in question leads up to something heartbreaking.