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Why Some Vikings Fans Think That Ivar Is Overrated

Vikings are awesome, and History's "Vikings" turns that awesomeness into 89 episodes of gritty and captivating drama. The show reimagines actual old sagas into a cool historical story that chronicles the lives of legendary explorer Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his family. The life of a Viking raider is a dangerous one, and the show has no problem showing the dramatic consequences of various characters' actions. In fact, the show's cast receives a significant overhaul in Season 4, when Ragnar dies at the hands of King Aelle (Ivan Kaye), and the focus shifts to the dead Viking legend's various sons. 

Ragnar's sons who survive into adulthood all resemble him in some way. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) has inherited his father's courage and martial prowess, Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) has a taste for adventure, and Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) is an open-minded explorer who fights with the end goal of peace. However, Ragnar's most destructive traits have without doubt gone to Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), who grows up to become a bloodthirsty, unpredictable, and sadistic tactician, whose inner turmoil tends to manifest in violent ways. Ivar is a complex, dangerous, and magnetic Viking who's easily among the most important post-Ragnar characters, and Høgh Andersen does justice to the conflicting aspects of his personality. Yet, some viewers remain unimpressed. Let's take a look at why some "Vikings" fans think that Ivar is overrated.

Some fans think Ivar is unlikable and gets away with his actions too easily

In a Reddit discussion about Ivar, some "Vikings" fans have noted that Ivar might just be somewhat overrated. "What I don't really understand is why everyone seems to love Ivar so much! He killed Sigurd, would've betrayed any of the brothers if it helped him gain anything and I feel like he was a major cause of the division of the brothers! I always took him as the villain of the show honestly," the starter of the discussion thread wrote. 

Other users agreed, for various reasons. User u/Sev1nk felt that Ivar's character doesn't truly work after he rises to power, while u/inezzyinlove simply stated that they don't like the character much. Others pointed out that one of Ivar's less than endearing character traits is his apparent ability to avoid consequences for his actions. "My problem with Ivar is that whatever action he commits, there are basically no consequences that have a bigger impact on him," u/RagnarUbbebrok opined, and rattled off a number of Ivar's devious and antagonistic deeds that he nevertheless managed to bounce back from with comparatively little trouble.

Of course, wherever there's an opinion, a different viewpoint will soon arise. Others in the thread made their pro-Ivar feelings known, quoting the quality of his story arc and the actor's performance as reasons to enjoy the character. "Team Ivar. He had by far the best character development and the most talented actor in the show. Alex Hogh really became Ivar and it was wonderful to watch," u/RASUBZD wrote. Another redditor went even further, and detailed a number of reasons why Ivar was an effective character in a lengthy post that agreed with and expanded on u/RASUBZD's views.