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Kong: Skull Island Director Writes His Own Honest Trailer

As Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts says, he's his own worst critic. 

The folks at Screen Junkies put together an Honest Trailer for his reboot of the King Kong franchise, and while the first half of the video is pretty standard, it takes a twist in the middle when Vogt-Roberts shows up and takes over. He defends the film (especially the amount of helicopters), but he's also brutally honest when he points out some of the movie's flaws.

Among the shortcomings he brings up: It's got "major structural problems that spends the whole first act bringing the cast together, only to split everyone apart 10 minutes later," and "it was going for the emotional simplicity of Aliens but ended up with the complexity of Alien vs. Predator."

Of course, all of this comes just a few weeks after Vogt-Roberts slammed CinemaSins for a video that shined a spotlight on perceived flaws. He said, "Things like CinemaSins simply suck the life blood of other people and are often just wrong about intent or how cinema works."

But Screen Junkies actually agreed to let Vogt-Roberts contribute to his own Honest Trailer before that controversy erupted, not that they're complaining about the timing.

Watch the video above, then take a look back at what critics had to say about Kong: Skull Island.