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Kramer's Best Scene On Seinfeld According To Fans

In 1989, a show unlike any other and filled to the brim with comedic gold entered the scene, and its plotline was groundbreaking, yet straightforward. "Seinfeld" was and is still remembered as a show about nothing. This easy-going synopsis leaves each episode wide open for outlandish bits and big laughs, and perhaps being about nothing only makes the show more relatable to the everyday viewer.

The cast was stacked with comedians and familiar faces like Jerry Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself, Jason Alexander as the over-the-top George Costanza, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who flawlessly plays the friend who says what all her other friends wish they could, Elaine Benes. Perhaps one of the most iconic cast members, though, is Michael Richards, the man behind the legendary Cosmo Kramer.

Richards' loud and very physically involved comedic style creates an atmosphere of laughter and gives so much for other characters to go off of in each scene. His iconic and quirky nature has kept him popular even decades after the show's premiere. And recently, a thread on Reddit saw fans discussing what they believe to be Kramer's funniest moment of the entire show.

Kramer clears a table in the most Kramer way possible

According to fans, Kramer's best scene takes place in Season 6, Episode 12, "The Label Maker." Kramer and "Seinfeld" frenemy to all, Newman (Wayne Knight), begin a very serious match of the tabletop game "Risk." The entire episode is pure comedy, reminding us how serious board games can get, but fans notice one particular scene that inspires full-bellied laughter no matter how many times they watch.

"Peak physical comedy: Kramer clearing the table," u/datskinny said, posting a clip of the scene. The scene in question is Kramer clearing the table to make room for the board game so that Jerry can make sure no one cheats. However, in true Kramer fashion, he doesn't just clear the table. Instead, he uses a full-on leg-lift and swoosh to shove the small pile of newspaper from the table with his foot before gently placing the game down. Other users quickly agreed with them, though u/posthumouslyHilarious was quick to correct them by saying, "Peak Physical comedy: Kramer doing anything."

u/77Speedster pointed out the over-exaggeration that is Kramer, which fans love so much. "I love how it was just a flat newspaper, and he could have easily placed it on top with no issue, but that's not Kramer, The K-Man had to go the extra mile, Giddyup." This top-tier level of energy Richards poured into his character makes Kramer so beloved, quotable, and memorable even years later.