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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Whistle Sprinting Explained

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" has broken some incredible records since its launch in 2017. Some gamers have even chronicled the most bizarre ways they've beaten the game, including taking zero damage or not turning left. Speedrunners still find ways to hasten their runs with techniques like "whistle sprinting." Think wave-dashing but in "Breath of the Wild" and with a lot more noise.

Link already can sprint in the game. However, he's held back by his stamina because he needs to stop to recover the ever-depleting bar. He typically uses stamina with specific moves like climbing or running, but actions like whistling don't require a stamina bar. They also pause Link in a state where he doesn't use stamina and recovers it. One person eventually found that whistling still allows Link to move, so if he continuously whistles and sprints, he can keep moving without worrying about stamina. 

There's an added layer to the strategy centered on moving as fast as possible. Here's how to perform whistle sprinting for maximum benefit. 

The intricacies of whistle sprinting in Breath of the Wild

Whistle sprinting isn't as simple as hitting two buttons. It's apparently slower than regular sprinting, so players need to carefully switch between the two to continuously sprint at the fastest pace possible. As described in the Zelda Speedrunning Wiki, "Run until your stamina is nearly depleted, then switch to whistle sprinting and let your stamina recharge. Once your stamina is full, change back to normal sprinting. Rinse and repeat."

Link can whistle using the d-pad down button. Hold down the whistle button while repeatedly tapping the B button while running to continuously whistle and sprint. Tapping ensures that it's not a continuous sprint and will alternate between sprinting and whistle sprinting. Newbie speedrunners (via Reddit) tend to complain about the awkward grip needed to whistle sprint effectively. Many suggest using the claw grip — a technique where the player grips behind the controller with their index and middle finger over the back buttons instead of the handles at the bottom — which can work with either the Joy-cons or Nintendo Pro Controller.

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is available for Nintendo Switch. In fact, it reached its five year anniversary earlier this year. "Breath of the Wild 2," which doesn't have an official title yet, was delayed until 2023.