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The Secret Brad Pitt Post-Credits Scene You Missed In The Lost City

The following article contains spoilers for "The Lost City"

Sandra Bullock is back. Her latest four-quadrant rom-com, "The Lost City," has impressed critics so far, and seems poised to inject a little life into the struggling box office. It's a set-up as old as the genre itself: Bullock's Loretta Sage and Channing Tatum's Alan are like oil and water — at least at first. She is an intelligent woman with a history in archaeology, while he is her book cover model with a background in looking pretty.

Also along for the ride is Brad Pitt in the role of Jack Trainer, an ex-military expert who is (seemingly) the only one who can save the day. Amid all the delightful chaos that ensues as Loretta and Alan find love and complete their adventure, Trainer meets with a particularly violent end. Or so you might think — unless you stick around for the post-credits sequence.

Trainer's fate was not as dire as everyone thought

Trainer's fate seems to be sealed during the heroic jungle rescue when he is unceremoniously executed. Or is he? In the post-credits sequence, Loretta and Alan are shocked to find that Trainer is attending the same yoga class, stretching right behind them.

Naturally, Loretta and Alan are confused at first. How in the world could Trainer survive being shot so definitively? Simple arithmetic, says Trainer. Since humans only use 10% of their brain, he just switched to another 10% — a 10% that wasn't scrambled by a bullet. Obviously, this explanation leaves much to be desired scientifically speaking, but is good to know that Pitt's trainer will be available for any potential sequel. "Lost City 2" wouldn't be the same without him.

The scene concludes with Trainer eyeing the new couple carefully. Loretta and Alan will have to watch their backs — both literally and figuratively.