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The Dark Secret Behind Storage Wars: Miami

Since its premiere in December 2010, A&E's "Storage Wars" has rapidly expanded into an ever-growing franchise. However, the original California-based series, which has more than 10 seasons under its belt, is the only one to enjoy long-term success.

Over the years, A&E has presented audiences with a handful of spin-offs, including 2011's "Storage Wars: Texas" and 2013's "Storage Wars: New York." Despite following the same concept, where competitive buyers purchase abandoned storage lockers in hopes of finding valuable items, these shows ran for a mere three and two seasons, respectively. As for 2015's "Storage Wars: Miami," that spin-off only ran for just one season.

"Storage Wars: Miami" starred auctioneers Bob Nichols and Jerry Mahaffey, along with a fresh set of buyers, including Kevin Pew, couple Jorge Gomez and Maydel Garcia, husband-and-wife duo Greg and Lindsey Atz, and cousins Yorgen Ugalde and Christian Fernandez. The more recent "Storage Wars" spin-off had the potential to run as long (or perhaps longer) than its two predecessors. Unfortunately, a disturbing off-screen tragedy struck one of the cast members, one that left a dark cloud hanging over what was supposed to be a sunny addition to the "Storage Wars" franchise.

Kevin Pew's son shot a teenager at a Storage Wars viewing party

In October 2015, "Storage Wars: Miami" buyer Kevin Pew had rallied his family for a special viewing of the show at his home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. But this exciting evening took a shocking and unfortunate turn when Pew's son, Hashim, shot and killed 19-year-old Janel Hamilton, according to a CBS Miami report on the incident. Hamilton, whose life was cut short when she stood up to grab a blanket, was the goddaughter of Hashim Pew's mother. After the fatal shooting, Pew reportedly wrestled the gun out of his hands, per a police report obtained by TMZ. Hashim Pew was charged with first-degree murder a week later (via CBS News).

At the time the crime was reported, Hashim Pew's motives for killing Hamilton were unclear. Speaking to the South Florida SunSentinel, Hamilton's great aunt, Verion McGann, shared, "[Hamilton] was so intelligent and so brave, a happy, pleasant, loving girl, and I just can't understand why this had to happen." McGann then addressed Hashim Pew's actions: "They have no motive. There were no issues, no nothing."

Pew, whose A&E bio describes him as "a walking one-liner machine," had a bright future ahead of him on the network, but "Storage Wars: Miami" didn't return for a second season. Though the reasoning behind the cancellation was never released, it is possible the events at the Pew home in October 2015 and the publicity that followed afterward contributed to the nascent reality show's end.