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Trailer For Motorcycle Club Thriller 1% Shines Light On A Bloody Brotherhood

Life is an uncertain thing when you dare to rock the colors of a motorcycle club.

The first feature from Australian director Stephen McCallum, 1% is an upcoming crime thriller centered around the life and times of an Australian motorcycle club. Speaking with Deadline, the director described the film as being "about brotherhood, loyalty, and betrayal set within the primal underworld of outlaw motorcycle gangs."

"This forbidden world was a really exciting canvas for a director," McCallum said. "Matt Nable's script was a hard-hitting, character-driven genre piece with strong Shakespearean themes. It jumped off the page and I knew immediately that I wanted to direct it."

The trailer, he hopes, will take viewers "into the visceral world of those outlaws who in medieval times would've been Kings and Queens."

The title of the movie, 1%, comes from a (sometimes literal) badge of honor worn by members of some motorcycle clubs in response to an alleged, long-ago statement by the American Motorcycle Association that 99% of motorcycle owners were law-abiding citizens. The 1% patch designates the wearer as a proud outsider—what some might call an outlaw.

1% premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, with a wider release beyond the festival showing yet to be announced. For now, check out the movie's slick trailer, and revisit one of the most outrageous moments from MC-centric show Sons of Anarchy with our feature on TV deaths that seriously angered fans.