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R2-D2 Is A Celebrity In New Star Wars Animated Short

R2-D2 is "the droid the droids are looking for" in a new animated video posted by the official Star Wars Twitter account.

The newest entry in Disney's animated "Star Wars Blips" series shows a greatest hits compilation from the Silent Bob of Star Wars, following the astromech repair droid as he holds his own against a variety of Imperial bad guys and weaponry, up to and including the Death Star. It is then revealed that the heroic montage is a film clip, being watched avidly by a variety of other droids, including BB-8, who can't stop themselves from freaking out about the exploits of their robot hero.

Previous entries in the "Star Wars Blips" series have seen BB-8 go head-to-head with his nemesis BB-9E, BB-8 getting in some practice time with a lightsaber, and BB-8 freaking out about The Last Jedi's new gerbil-esque cuddly alien species, the Porgs. So the entire series is basically an "antics of BB-8" delivery system—not the worst service in the world.

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017. Get the details on the Porgs and other new creatures coming to the Star Wars universe this Christmas here, but first, check out our feature on the biggest Easter eggs in The Force Awakens you may have missed.