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What's The Most Powerful Katana In Elden Ring?

Building a powerful character is essential if players want to get far in "Elden Ring." Choosing a class is only the first step. The player also needs to make sure they're upgrading the appropriate stats and collecting the best gear they can find. The game will always be difficult, but having the right build with the right weapon can make some of those seemingly impossible boss fights more manageable. The leveling system is highly adaptable, but every class has certain stats and weapons that they were designed for.

Surprising no one, the Samurai class is all about Katanas. There aren't very many of them in the game, but there are a few really great options that bring this class to life in the right hands. Players who wish to focus exclusively on Dexterity builds may actually discover the Uchigatana Samurai have equipped at the beginning is an excellent weapon that can carry them through the entire title. However, those willing to spend some time building up their Intelligence will find that there is one weapon that slices through the competition.

Elden Ring's Moonveil Katana cuts to the heavens

Many will point to the Meteoric Ore Blade as the most powerful Katana because it deals marginally higher damage, but there's a reason the Moonveil Katana is slightly better. The fully upgraded version of this weapon scales E Strength, B Dexterity, and B Intelligence and deals 178 Physical and 213 Magic damage. While quite a punch, this isn't what makes Moonveil the strongest Katana in "Elden Ring."

The real secret to the Moonveil's power lies in its special abilities. It passively causes 50 Blood Loss buildup and has a special ability called Transient Moonlight. This skill allows the player to unleash two unique slashing attacks. The light attack releases a horizontal arc of magic that shoots out from the player's blade. The heavy attack does the same thing, except it is a vertical arc that deals more damage. The added range from these projectile attacks is even more valuable than the sheer amount of damage the weapon dishes out. Both of these attacks eat through FP though, costing 15 FP for light attacks and 20 FP for heavy. Players will probably want to invest a few points in Mind in addition to the staggering 23 points they will have to put into Intelligence to equip this weapon.

The Moonveil requires a very specific build to be used properly, but there's no denying the results.