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The Worst Criminal Minds Episode From Season 13 According To IMDb

"Criminal Minds" was a cultural behemoth during its run and continues to enjoy an outstanding reputation even after it ended in 2020. For 15 seasons, millions of viewers tuned in to see what cases the Behavioral Analysis Unit would have to solve next. They'd be tasked with examining a myriad of clues in order to put the puzzle pieces together to determine who was behind each heinous crime. More times than not, they would be successful in their endeavors and bring justice to the people left behind. 

With over 300 episodes to its name, there are plenty of classic episodes to check out on a rewatch when you want to relive some of the past "Criminal Minds" glory. With that being said, not every episode is worthy of a second look, as it's clear some episodes haven't resonated as well with fans as others. Based on IMDb rankings, it appears there's one episode in Season 13 that's truly not worth fans' time.

Neon Terror failed to light up fans' attention

There are plenty of stellar episodes to be found in Season 13 of "Criminal Minds." The season finale, "Believer," was a high point for the show. However, every zenith has a dip, and when it comes to Season 13, it appears that fans didn't much care for Episode 8, "Neon Terror." The episode currently has a rating of 7.0/10, which is a ranking it shares with several other episodes from its season. However, "Neon Terror" earns the lowest-ranked distinction because it has the most reviews out of any of them, with nearly 1,000 to its name. 

The episode follows the BAU as they investigate a series of murders. To complicate matters, the killer appears to be giving the local media exclusive footage of the crime scenes, meaning they're one step ahead of the BAU at every turn. 

It appears that when it comes to fans' reactions to this episode, it all comes down to being a bit too predictable. One user wrote in their review, "While there are some nice character moments, part of me wishes that a few, like with Rossi, were explored more, both in development and screen time. While surprising to begin with, the ending also becomes a bit too rushed and the predictability dampens the initial impact somewhat." Another user echoed those sentiments while finding something good about the outing, "Good episode, little bit predicted, but I love the ending." 

At the end of the day, a 7.0/10 isn't terrible; it's just not up to the par "Criminal Minds" typically enjoys.