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The NCIS: Hawaii Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The characters of "NCIS: Hawai'i" enjoy beautiful beaches, balmy breezes, glorious mountains, and dense jungle. What's not to love? Well, maybe all the murders, explosions, and secret military operations. So it goes on this spin-off of the wildly popular "NCIS" franchise. The NCIS team at Pearl Harbor are a dedicated group who spend their days fighting crime and their nights eating delicious food and hanging out at the beach. (Well, except for Junior Agent Lucy Tara, who has a fear of water.) Led by the all-powerful Special Agent Jane Tennant, who's also a single mom of two, this tight-knit squad is dedicated to getting the job done, no matter what.

Of course, complications always arise. Whether it be romantic entanglements (we're looking at you, Lucy and Whistler), familial obligations, bureaucratic red tape, or undercover operations gone wrong, the "NCIS: Hawai'i" team is not without drama. But that's what we love about the show, isn't it? It's the characters who keep us coming back for more. To appreciate our favorite folks a little more deeply, we've decided to do a quick astrological reading. What signs do the team members fall under — and who does that align you with? Read on to find out which "NCIS: Hawai'i" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Lucy Tara

Everyone's favorite scrappy NCIS agent, Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami) can't be anything other than an Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is essentially the astrological baby– perfect for our junior agent. Aries is also a fire sign, known for being passionate, driven, and prone to acting before thinking. This sign isn't one to back down from a fight — or a little friendly competition — which can sometimes lead to a hot temper.

This fits Lucy to a tee. Because she's a junior agent, Lucy is desperate to prove herself to Tennant and the team, and is always ready to get in on the action. She may be small, but she can definitely pack a punch. Lucy is also a woman who knows what she wants, and is not afraid to go after it with her classically Aries drive. This is why her relationship with Whistler quickly becomes complicated — a common predicament for this sign. Lucy is gung-ho from the start, while Whistler is much more restrained. When Lucy finds out Whistler isn't being entirely honest with her, she's deeply hurt and not willing to let it go. In true Aries fashion, she holds on to her anger like a shield, and will not let the fire inside of her die out.

Taurus: Kai Holman

Represented by the bull, Taurus is a patient, stubborn, and devoted sign. These folks tend to be very set in their ways, and enjoy indulging in the finer things in life. They aren't irresponsible, though: As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is very grounded. 

If there's one "NCIS: Hawai'i" character who is most defined by stubbornness — at least at first — it's got to be Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant). Kai is the newest member of the team, having only joined two weeks prior to Episode 1. The main reason Kai comes back to his native Hawai'i after joining the Marines is so he can keep a closer eye on his father, who is experiencing health issues. The problem is, he and his father don't have the greatest relationship: Kai's father wasn't there for him when his mother was dying of cancer.

Ever the stubborn Taurus, Kai won't forgive his father. But like so many born under this sign, he's also deeply devoted to him, and wants to make sure he takes care of his health. As time goes by, Kai slowly rebuilds his relationship with his father and becomes more willing to accept help from his team. A Taurus doesn't have to be a lone wolf, even if accepting change is uniquely difficult for them.

Gemini: Alex Tennant

Alex Tennant (Kian Talan) is Jane Tennant's eldest child. A restless 16-year-old, Alex loves baseball and doesn't like his mom meddling in his business. He also hates drama, but has been known to conceal things from his parents so he can get his way. Alex can be a bit scatterbrained, even forgetting his shoes as he's about to leave the house, but luckily, he has his mom and sister to help him out.

All of this makes Alex a classic Gemini. Geminis tend to be entertaining, quick-witted individuals who love learning new things. Because they're so versatile, they're comfortable in a variety of contexts. But this can sometimes come off as flaky, unsentimental, and even two-faced. Like so many Geminis, Alex has a hard time focusing on anything other than what he loves, which happens to be baseball. This can make him a frustrating person to deal with, but he can also be sweet and charming. That Gemini gregariousness cuts a lot of ice. It's good he has this quality, as well as a genuine passion for sports and a mom like Jane — this sign needs things that keep them grounded.

Cancer: Jane Tennant

Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) is a mama bear in more ways than one. Along with being a caring mother of two, Jane is also a dedicated leader of her team who will do anything to protect them. You do not want to mess with Tennant's family or her colleagues.

Cancer is the sign most associated with this sort of fierce, nurturing spirit. An emotional water sign, Cancer has a strong connection to family and home and an incredibly intense sense of empathy. They tend to take on other people's problems — sometimes to the point of crisis. Cancers are also very loyal people with vast reserves of kindness, but they aren't pushovers: Their sentimentality can very quickly turn to a thirst for vengeance.

These Cancerian qualities make Jane the tremendous leader she is. Jane is incredibly loyal to her team and will back them up no matter what. She uses her powers of empathy for good, often talking down suspects instead of getting into a shootout. Many of these skills must have come from her time in the CIA, but we imagine her experiences as a mom have played a role as well. All of this adds up to a classic Cancer: Someone as warm and loving as she is tenacious.

Leo: Jesse Boone

Leo is a fire sign symbolized by the proud and confident lion. Known far and wide for their creative, passionate, and generous nature, this sign feels completely comfortable at center stage. Indeed, gaining respect and attention from their peers is important to Leos — and luckily, they find this pretty easy to accomplish. Leos are generally cheerful people who love to joke around, making them the life of any party.

Jesse Boone (Noah Mills) may not seem like your typical Leo at first glance. But if you look a little deeper, his alignment with this sign makes a lot of sense. While Jesse can come off as Jane's serious second-in-command, he's also a bit of a goofball who loves to joke around with Kai and Lucy. He's further distinguished by a Leonine love of his team, family, and job — but he's not so intense that he's unable to let loose. Like so many Leos, he's a good leader and definitely someone you can rely on to have your back. Who wouldn't want to be defended by a fierce lion?

Virgo: Ernie Malik

Virgos are detail-oriented people eternally processing vast quantities of information in search of a solution. Loyal, kind, and hardworking, they tend to be passionate perfectionists. They can also be somewhat judgmental, but it's always with good intentions: Virgos can't not analyze everything around them. It typically gets them what they want, after all.

These qualities fit Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon) to a tee. The resident tech expert on the NCIS team, there's no mystery too big for Ernie to solve, as long as he has his gadgets. He loves helping the team solve problems, even if his methods can be a bit eccentric at times. But he's not just a Virgo because he's a brilliant techie — Ernie also exemplifies the healing side of this sign. Virgos care deeply about their loved ones, and seek ways to ease their pain. Ernie is the only person Lucy ever truly confides in about Whistler, and indeed, he gives her some pretty sage advice. While it may seem like his skills only lie in solving practical problems, Ernie, like so many Virgos, is pretty proficient at dealing with matters of the heart, too.

Libra: Joe Milius

Though he's confined to Season 1, Captain Joe Milius (Enver Gjokaj) makes an impact on the NCIS team — especially Jane. While Jane and Milius are initially at odds, they reach a mutual understanding based on respect for their jobs and eventually become romantically involved before Milius has to move away due to a reassignment. Though he can be stubborn and bullheaded, Milius is an even-tempered guy committed to making sure everything goes to plan. This is true-blue Libra behavior. 

The diplomats of the zodiac, appropriately symbolized by the scales, Libras tend to be very invested in fairness, justice, and keeping the peace. As Captain Milius admits to Jane, the reason he butts heads with her is because he cares deeply about his team and doesn't want anyone putting them at risk. This is often the core of Libras' relentless, justice-seeking nature. After he and Jane come to an understanding, they're able to work much better together. Like so many born under this sign, Milius proves himself to be a good guy ... once you get past his hierarchical posturing.

Scorpio: Maggie Shaw

We probably would have cast Maggie Shaw (Julie White) as a Scorpio even before seeing everything go down between her and Jane — that dramatic conclusion really just seals the deal. Maggie Shaw is (or was) one of Jane's oldest friends. Also known as "the Oracle" because of her extensive intelligence knowledge, she recruited Jane to the CIA. Unfortunately, their relationship turns sour when it's revealed Maggie has been working as a double agent for years, helping her son — a Chinese national — steal American intelligence.

Scorpios aren't always the bad guys, but in this case, Maggie fits the bill. Those born under this very intuitive water sign are strategic, cunning, and mysterious. Scorpios have an intensity about them, and often keep things close to the chest. Resourceful and brave, they can also be a loyal friend when they're in your corner — but if you cross them, you'll regret it. Maggie clearly loves Jane and her children, but she also betrays them in a very deep way. Of course, her betrayal is also done out of love, but the fact that she's able to keep up the ruse for so long speaks more to her canny and persistent Scorpio nature than her familial concerns. If things were different, Maggie would have been Jane's friend for life — but this scorpion just can't help but sting.

Sagitarrius: David Sola

Sagittarius is known as the traveler of the zodiac. Friendly and entertaining, these folks have a great sense of humor and love to try new things. Sagittarians are said to be on a quest for truth, and they love to focus on self-improvement: Forward is the only direction they know. This often leads them to buck against rules and regulations.

David Sola (Beulah Koale) only helps the NCIS team on a single case, but as it's the one that reveals Maggie's betrayal to Jane, it's a doozy. An intelligence officer from New Zealand, David travels to Hawai'i because he thinks the death of a Navy engineer might be connected to a Chinese operation he's been tracking. Spoiler alert: it is. David's not exactly a subtle guy, which makes him a classic Sagittarius. Though he works for the federal government, he's also not one to go by the book, which rubs some of the team at Pearl Harbor the wrong way. Luckily, his dogged determination and restlessness eventually help them solve the case, even if it is personally devastating for Jane. A Sagittarius gets the job done, even if their methods are unconventional.

Capricorn: Kate Whistler

Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) is a textbook Capricorn. This earth sign is deeply associated with leadership: Capricorns are extremely responsible, dutiful, and driven. These stoic folks also tend to repress any emotions that might get in the way of achieving their goals. Keeping their forward momentum is more important to them than their feelings.

Initially, Whistler comes off as a very strict, serious woman who does not tolerate any deviations from protocol. She bristles at Lucy and the rest of the team's casual treatment of the rules, and seems committed to furthering her career above all else. But like so many rigid Capricorns, she ends up evolving anyway, mostly due to her relationship with Lucy. While Whistler never loses her love of the job or her focused determination, she comes to realize there might be more to life than just climbing the career ladder. Learning this sort of lesson allows Capricorn to access their full potential — we just hope she didn't get rid of those awesome pantsuits in the process.

Aquarius: Julie Tennant

Jane's youngest child, Julie Tennant (Mahina Napoleon) is a sweet, curious, clever kid who's deeply committed to her schoolwork. She's a similarly staunch vegetarian, to the point that she doesn't let her family keep any meat products in the house. As Jane and Alex tell it, they're actually afraid of what Julie would do if she found out they broke the rules.

These firm beliefs come from Julie's deep concern regarding the state of the world, which is why she's a total Aquarius. Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac. They have progressive, original ideas about how things should be run and aren't afraid to speak their minds, even if it makes them seem a bit eccentric. This sign is more interested in the big picture than the little details — gaining a reputation as a weirdo simply doesn't bother them.

While Julie may not yet be old enough to fully understand the world around her, she certainly wants to. She won't take no for an answer when her mom refuses to tell her about her experiences with racism, and her dedication to vegetarianism indicates she feels very strongly about right and wrong. While Jane seems like the woman in charge, Julie may actually be the stealth leader of the Tennant family. Aquarius has a way of getting things done — even if they don't do it like anyone else.

Pisces: Carla Chase

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is said to encompass all signs that precede it. This means that Pisces is distinguished by many different dichotomies. These folks tend to be divided between fantasy and reality, and have the peculiar trait of seeming both wise and childlike at the same time. This is a bit contradictory, but it also makes Pisces the most intuitive, imaginative, and romantic sign. 

Commander Carla Chase (Seana Kofoed), the Deputy Medical Examiner for NCIS Pearl Harbor, is a bit of an oddball, as so many Pisceans are. She exemplifies the two sides of the sign perfectly: Carla is both very intelligent and good at her job, and also very interested in the mystical side of things. She frequently discusses chakras, crystals, and spirits, which sometimes perplexes her colleagues. On the surface, this would appear to conflict with her career in science, but in fact, like so many Pisceans, her interest in the esoteric only makes her more engaged with the material world. The team respects her expertise for very good reason, and so do we. She's right about a lot of things — maybe her theories aren't so outlandish after all?