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Will There Be An Incredibles 3?

Pixar's "The Incredibles" is one of those movies where the name tells everything you need to know going in. With its massively impressive 97 percent fresh Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the animated tale of the superpowered Parr family's everyday struggles and superhero lives remains one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies out there. Per Box Office Mojo, its worldwide gross of over $630 million against a $92 million budget was a pretty neat feat, as well. However, despite the fact that the 2004 movie ended with a pretty blatant sequel hook, it took 14 years before "Incredibles 2" materialized. 

With its 93 percent Tomatometer rating (via Rotten Tomatoes) and worldwide gross of $1.24 billion (per Box Office Mojo), the sequel made very clear that it was worth the wait, and that the world remains invested in the franchise. As such, it seems incredibly likely that a third movie in the franchise will be in the cards at some point down the line. So, when can you expect "Incredibles 3" to drop? Will there be one in the first place?

Incredibles 3 might happen eventually, but probably not in a long time

As "The Incredibles" and "Incredibles 2" director Brad Bird and producer John Walker told Entertainment Weekly in 2018, nothing's written in stone, but there's still a chance that "Incredibles 3" might happen one day. Unfortunately, it seems that the timeline for that movie will likely be similar to the lengthy gap between "The Incredibles" and "Incredibles 2." 

"I wouldn't ever rule it out,"  Walker said. "And if past is prologue, it'll be another 14 years — and a lot of people will probably need oxygen to make a third one."

The reason "Incredibles 2 took so long to make was that they were waiting to get the story just right. In the EW interview, Bird indicated that this will be the case for the potential "Incredibles 3," as well, in order to keep the process from feeling forced. However, he did reveal that since "Incredibles 2" had to jump through some significant production hurdles, there are several plotlines he'd be keen to explore in the future ... either in "Incredibles 3" or in another film. 

"It's like the episode of 'I Love Lucy' when she's got the candies piling up on the conveyer belt," Bird explained the production difficulties "Incredibles 2" faced. "This film was like that. They took a year off our schedule, so if an idea didn't work quickly, you had to just kill the darling and move onto the next. And I killed like a city full of darlings."

Even in a best-case scenario, fans will likely have to wait for years and years before those darlings hopefully manifest again in a third "Incredibles" film. Still, as long as Bird's not outright dismissing the idea of "Incredibles 3," there's hope.