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What's The Most Powerful Bow In Elden Ring?

Since its release, "Elden Ring" has enjoyed a near-constant presence in video game communities as players discuss the title's deep George R. R. Martin assisted lore, speedrun the game within nine minutes, and discover new, extremely elusive secrets in what's become FromSoftware's crowning achievement. But now that the title has been out and accessible to players for nearly two months, conversations are shifting away from daring accounts of how to beat Maliketh, The Black Blade or where to find a certain Seamster's quest, and are moving into the territory of end-game builds.

While some of the most iconic builds in "Elden Ring" are also the most bizarre, they all function from an understanding of how a character's items interact with the various player and enemy stats in the game. While getting the appropriate Talismans and armor can help polish a build, the heart and soul come from the weapon. For players looking for a bow, a lot of the options don't stack up to the crossbow or other ranged counterparts. Luckily, there's one bow that has the capability to become the single most powerful ranged weapon in the game. Here's everything aspiring archers need to know about the Lion Greatbow, including how to obtain it.

Unleash your inner boss with the Lion Greatbow

While the Lion Greatbow can take a little work to get, it's well worth the effort for any player considering traversing the Lands Between using a ranged playstyle. On its own, the Greatbow does a respectable amount of damage, but once upgraded and combined with the Radahn's Spears Great Arrows the weapon can really shred targets.

When Radahn's Spears are used with the Lion Greatbow, players benefit from a 20% damage increase. You can combine that with the effects from accessories like the Arrow's Sting Talisman (+10% damage increase) or the Ritual Sword Talisman (+10% attack power while at full health) or help keep a healthy distance away from foes with the Arrow's Reach Talisman to lay down an unstoppable assault.

As if that wasn't enough to make players feel like a ranged force to be reckoned with, the Lion Greatbow comes with a unique weapon skill that lets them further channel their inner boss. Radahn's Rain allows players to summon forth a volley of arrows to decimate a target area — just as the Starscourge himself does during his bout against players. 

How to get the Lion Greatbow in Elden Ring

Getting the Lion Greatbow in "Elden Ring" is actually quite easy. All it takes is a simple purchase from the remembrance vendor Enia in Roundtable Hold. That said, earning the right to make the purchase is an entirely different story. Future owners of the weapon must first take on one of the most iconic bosses in the game, Starscourge Radahn. While there are many strategies on how to beat Starscourge Radahn, first-timers — and ranged players especially — should take time to feel out the fight now that the demigod has been un-nerfed and restored to his intended power. As always, patience and preparation serve as the keys to success.

Once Radahn is felled, players can take the boss' remembrance to Roundtable Hold and opt to exchange it for the Lion Greatbow. Players will also be able to purchase Radahn's Spears from Enia after defeating the boss for 800 runes. While the Great Arrows can feel expensive earlier on, they're well worth a little extra farming to always have handy.