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The Chicago P.D. Characters That Fans Want To See Interact More

There are many reasons why fans tune in week after week to watch "Chicago P.D." The procedural has earned a spot as one of the prime programs on NBC, with each episode holding new surprises for viewers. There's always some new crime going down in the Windy City, and the team who oversees the 21st District has put it upon themselves to keep innocents safe. However, the only reason the unit can be so effective is a result of the camaraderie they've attained after years of having one another's backs. 

The crew is like a family; they've been through thick and thin out in the field, and they rely on one another for more than just busting criminals. They also turn to each other for advice when they need it most, to the point where they'd be there for one another no matter what happens. With that in mind, it's a bit strange that fans have noticed a couple of members of the precinct who rarely interact with one another. One major critique among some fans is that Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) need to spend more time together.

Fans like what they've seen so far out of Halstead and Burgess

"Chicago P.D." has a massive ensemble cast. As such, it's understandable there are some dynamics that go unexplored. There's only so much story one can fight in a span of 42 minutes, so some partnerships don't get as much attention as others. That sadly appears to be the case for Halstead and Burgess, as the two have seldom worked together over the years. That doesn't mean they haven't partnered up on cases in the past. For Season 7, Episode 3, "Familia," the two got together to try to solve a case, but outside of that, it's rare to see them even speak to one another. 

This fact isn't lost on fans. Redditor u/ProfessionalStorm694 started a thread declaring, "Tell me why the two characters with the most minimal interactions is my fav duo! Their little interactions are so sweet they have such a sibling dynamic and I am so here for it." It's not just fans who have caught onto the oversight. One user pointed out, "Their interactions always stand out to me because they occur so infrequently that Marina and Jesse joke on social media that their characters don't even know each other and refer to each other as Kate and Jake."

There are plenty more opportunities for Halstead and Burgess to interact. The show's currently on Season 9, and it's already been renewed for a tenth. Hopefully, those episodes scratch that itch several fans have.