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What Blue Bloods Fans Still Don't Understand About Frank

"Blue Bloods" has given fans a lot over the years. For over a decade, the police procedural has provided thrills, twists, and turns for viewers who want to see the continuing adventures of the Reagan family. The family's done a lot for New York over the years, with Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) keeping his officers in line as commissioner while his kids keep criminals off the streets in varying capacities. However, with so many seasons and over 250 episodes to its name, it's understandable that some things have irritated fans about the show, too. 

As years go on for any TV show, characters change and dynamics alter. Some of those are met with aplomb from viewers who want things to remain fresh even as a show gets on its tenth season or so. Other times, changes are met with disdain as fans just want things to remain the same and for a show to stay how it was when they first fell in love with it. This phenomenon has fans questioning one thing about Frank, in particular.

Some fans don't understand how others actually like Frank

For any show, it's only natural for fans to gravitate to one character over another. Sometimes, people relate more to a particular character's story than others. Still, a sizable portion of the "Blue Bloods" fan base can't accept there are people out there who actually like Frank. One Redditor kicked off a thread inviting people to voice their displeasure at Frank by stating, "[I] am on season 7 ep 20 and Frank has become so insufferable. Just who does he think he is?" They go on to state how Frank often sees himself as the end-all, be-all and how his actions border on the hypocritical of what he's supposed to stand for. 

This wasn't lost on other fans, as u/_ItsTheLittleThings_ wrote, "I'm on season 11, and find each of the characters to be doing/saying things a little out-of-character from before. The things you pointed out are true, now that you mention it." Some fans even find Frank so grating that they've threatened to stop watching the show entirely, such as one user mentioning, "Frank makes me want to drop the show from my watch list."

While the thread may be concerning to some, it's important to point out this is a small sampling of people compared to the millions who watch "Blue Bloods" on a regular basis. While Frank may get on some people's nerves, there are plenty of other characters for people to latch onto.