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The Worst Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 4 According To IMDb

"The Curse of Oak Island" is getting close to wrapping up Season 9, and April 19's episode, "Follow the Cobblestone Road," will be one of the last few new episodes for a while. The History cornerstone series follows the efforts of Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and their team of drilling, metal detection, archaeological, and historical experts as they try to uncover the mystery behind who built the network of tunnels and shafts below the tiny, titular island's surface, and anything of historical or monetary value that they may have left behind.

The show has enjoyed fairly consistent ratings from IMDb viewers, with all but 12 of its estimated 164 episodes to date earning a 7.3/10 or better. Three of the lower-rated episodes came in Season 5, one in Season 8, and eight this season, as viewers are likely tiring of the repetitive narration and rapidly increasing ratio of filler to significant finds. Season 4, by contrast, was very well received, with the 15 episodes averaging a 7.87 score. But even in a season as solid as the fourth, there has to be a worst episode. In this case, two tied for the dishonor, but by the slimmest of margins.

In Season 4, Episodes 2 and 11 tied for the lowest IMDb ratings

Two "The Curse of Oak Island" Season 4 episodes earned a 7.6 average rating from IMDb viewers (four others were scored at 7.7 and three at 7.8). Episode 2, "Always Forward," is quite heavy on technical details, and more than a third of the episode is spent sending diver Tony Sampson down a well where all he finds are a few triangular glyphs carved in the rocks. Most of the remainder of the episode is dedicated to a fruitless exploration of the spot known on Zena Halpern's map as "the hatch." Viewers may also be bored by the long sequences of logistical planning, as well as saddened by the death of longtime Oak Island treasure hunter Fred Nolan at age 89, which is announced in this episode.

Season 4, Episode 11, "Presidential Secrets," centers on the exploration of Dan Blankenship's pet location, Borehole 10-X. Technical difficulties with the team's water injection rig slow the effort, and a punctured cofferdam interrupts an attempt to explore the box drain system in Smith's Cove. The final third of the episode follows Rick and his nephew Alex Lagina as they explore Franklin Delano Roosevelt's connections to Oak Island — a relationship that reveals no helpful or compelling information. The best moments in "The Curse of Oak Island" feature significant finds or newly uncovered mysteries. These two episodes are light on both, which could explain why they are at the bottom of the Season 4 heap.