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The Doctor Who Easter Egg You Likely Missed In World War Z

While we'll never be able to confirm it ourselves, there's a high chance that if he had one, a sonic screwdriver could well have made Gerry Lane's (Brad Pitt) trip around "World War Z" a lot easier with a far lower chance of bites from infected zombies. One person who could have definitely provided a valued opinion on such a hellish situation would be a former Whovian, who appears near the closing act of carnage in Marc Forster's adrenaline-fuelled ride.

After heading here, there, and everywhere to figure out how to stop people nibbling on each other, Gerry ends up in Cardiff in Wales, among a group of isolated scientists that lend a hand in making the final breakthrough needed to bring the virus to its knees. What's interesting about this band of survivors is that one of these geniuses happens to be played by Peter Capaldi, whose character is given a very fitting name when considering the other iconic hero he was playing at that time.

Peter Capaldi is a 'W.H.O. Doctor' in World War Z

With a reasonably thin supporting cast either being offed or simply rushing Gerry onto the next stage in Marc Forster's terrifying thrill-ride, it makes sense as to why only a handful of the characters are even named in "World War Z." That being said, when it comes to Peter Capaldi's character, calling him in the credits simply "W.H.O. Doctor" is easily the best title he could be given. He might be getting the same moniker as the rest of the scientists held up in labs in the film's finale, but none of the rest was the current "Doctor Who" at that time.

In the year of the film's release, Capaldi had earned the ranking of the Twelfth Doctor in the long-running sci-fi series, so zombies were hardly a stretch when he'd been facing off against Daleks and Cybermen. In "World War Z," though, his character was a specialist working for the World Health Organization (or W.H.O.), making him a W.H.O. Doctor. The creative powers probably knew what they were doing, and they did it brilliantly. He might not have that big of a presence in the blockbuster movie, but for Whovians, it's a wonderful little meta treat in the intense film.