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The Angela Detail From The Office That Makes No Sense

Strict perfectionist Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey), part of the Dunder Mifflin accounting department on "The Office," is one of the characters in the series whose approach to life often confused fans. A key example is her unorthodox relationship with Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). Despite her obvious attraction to the quirky salesman, and even agreeing to a child-bearing contract, she wants their romance to be kept a secret, something that proves impossible.

There are many other strange Angela details. In Season 2, she fiercely defends a desk poster of two babies playing jazz, a piece of art that deeply offends co-worker Oscar Martinez (Oscar Nunez). We also learn that sometimes, because the clothes at the Gap are too intense, she shops at the American Girl store and buys outfits meant for lifesize historical dolls. And who could forget when she wanted her favorite song ever – "Little Drummer Boy" – to be played at her and Andy Bernard's (Ed Helms) wedding?

Despite Angela's straight-laced exterior, there are many things about her that don't quite add up, including her feelings toward a certain family member.

Angela's grudge toward her sister disappears

Early on in "The Office," Angela shares how she used to be very close to her sister growing up, but due to a feud, they haven't spoken to each other for 16 years. Though Angela doesn't remember what the fight was about, she's admittedly a grudge-holder and expresses pride in not backing down. Yet at the end of the series, when Angela is finally preparing to marry Dwight, her sister Rachel (Rachel Harris) is happily present at her bachelorette party. In fact, the pair have their own Martin sibling language. Many fans have wondered if this inconsistency is a plot hole or simply part of Angela's development as a character.

On Reddit, some think Angela's softening toward her sister was done on purpose. One user said, "I think it was to show the change Angela sort of went through. She also stopped (or is trying to stop) b******* at people in the office. I would guess she reached out to her sister after Dwight proposed." Redditor u/GodICringe agreed, saying that when "Dwight proposed and she found true happiness, she was able to come to terms with the petty differences and reconnect with her sister." This is highly possible given the fact that she also allows Phyllis Vance (Phyllis Smith) to carry her down the aisle after years of the two butting heads.

On the other hand, others don't feel there's any deep character development involved in this scenario. One user wrote, "I always assumed it was lazy writing." Regardless, after being in less-than-desirable relationships over the years, Angela is able to marry the love of her life with her sister by her side.