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The Revolution Turns Violent In Trailer For Mr. Robot Season 3

This post contains spoilers for Mr. Robot season 2.

The revolution is turning violent in the foreboding trailer for the third season of USA Network's schizoid hacker drama Mr. Robot

Picking up after the events of the second season with a gutshot Elliot recuperating from his injuries, the third season of the series is all set to further explore the fractured mind of its hero as his dual identities grow farther and farther apart. His friends are left in a state of paranoia, wondering who's going to catch a bullet next. 

While the trailer doesn't reveal too much about the story of the third season, it sets the tone for what's coming perfectly. The world is on the verge of catastrophe, and everyone is far past the point of no return. The revolution is getting very real, and the consequences may be more than our heroes can handle.

Mr. Robot returns for a third season on the USA Network on Wednesday, October 11. If you find the parallels between its world and ours uncanny, check out how a real-life tragedy affected the series in our feature on real-life disasters that changed movies and TV shows.