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The Surprising Character The Boys Fans On Reddit Call Their Favorite

Amazon Prime Video's superbly offensive superhero show "The Boys" certainly has a mixed bag of characters you both love and flat-out love to hate, which explains why it's become such a huge success after only a handful of years on the air. The story of a small team of off-the-book, foul-mouthed individuals trying to bring down uber villainous superheroes has earned a bevy of Emmy nominations since its premiere in 2019.

Of course, a big part of the reason for the show's popularity is the talented cast behind these colorful characters. As with any popular show, many fans find themselves wondering which characters are the best. From Karl Urban's brash hula-shirt-loving hero hater, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), to the silent but incredibly violent member of The Seven, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), many colorful and conniving characters are in "The Boys," but only one is a firm favorite. According to an informal poll taken on Reddit, one choice, in particular, soars above the rest.

Homelander ranks No. 1 for many fans

In a thread on the official r/TheBoys subreddit, u/TomieJunji posed a simple and straightforward question: "Who's your favorite 'The Boys' character?" Furthermore, this user included a photo of Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) to indicate their choice. While Frenchie proved a popular pick among other Reddit users, many commenters voiced their support for other characters.

Despite his maniacal methods, absolute disinterest in human life, and routine embrace of antisocial behaviors, Antony Starr's leader of The Seven, Homelander, appears to be the favorite character of many fans of "The Boys." As of this writing, a comment from u/Technouser nominating Homelander for the position has over 300 upvotes. Unhinged and unbound, one fan hit the nail on the super-strong head, saying Homelander can quite literally "do whatever the f*** he wants," a clear reference to an infamous Homelander scene in the Season 2 finale.

Ranked just beneath Homelander with more than 230 votes, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) appears the favorite for second place. In Black Noir's nomination comment, u/cdr_rabbit said, "****er is chaotic and hilarious and I love him." Other favorites listed include everyone from Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) to Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). Of course, it seems likely these numbers could radically change after additional seasons of the series are released.