Predictions For Finn, Rey, And Kylo Ren In Episode VIII

Now that we've all seen The Force Awakens, and we've met all of the new characters, it's time to try and figure out what's going to happen next. The movie did a great job of setting up the future sequels, especially when it comes to the main characters. Even though we've finally seen Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren in action, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding them. Here are our predictions for these characters in Episode VIII.

Rey's related to somebody important

This is the most obvious, so let's just get it out the way. Rey clearly has important parents, and they're definitely characters that we've met before. The main assumption that everyone is making is that Luke is her father, but that might be just a little too obvious. First of all, why would Luke abandon her and also go into hiding himself? It's not like she was abandoned on a nice planet either. Jakku seems like a pretty rough place. That'd be pretty messed up if Luke just hangs out on a peaceful planet while his daughter scavenges for supplies on a desert planet. Also, if she was Luke's daughter, then wouldn't Kylo Ren have recognized his old master's daughter? One possible explanation? Han is Rey's dad, but her mother probably isn't Leia. We know that Han and Leia had a rough relationship, and Han mentioned that he left her more than once. Also, Han took a liking to her real quick, and she even inherited the Millenium Falcon from him. This would also help explain why the Falcon just happens to be hanging out on Jakku.

Finn's Stormtrooper past is coming back to haunt him

For the first time, The Force Awakens provides us with Stormtroopers that are actual characters. During the opening battle, we're introduced to Finn when a fellow trooper is killed in front of him. They have a touching moment together before the unnamed trooper dies, and a prior friendship is clearly hinted at. Later on, Finn is recognized by the riot trooper, TR-8R, who furiously calls him a traitor. This probably isn't the last time that Finn's time in the First Order will come up. He's clearly built relationships with other members, which he just abandons when he helps Poe escape. Finn's story in the upcoming movies will most likely revolve around him being hunted down by his former trooper mates. Not only does Finn betray his friends, he also helps blow up the Starkiller base, undoubtedly killing a bunch of them in the process. Finn's likely the most wanted man in the universe, making him an obvious target for bounty hunters. Which is great for us, because those are always the best characters in the Star Wars universe.

Finn's family

There's just something about the Star Wars universe and orphans. Both of the new main characters introduced in The Force Awakens were raised away from their parents. We've already gone over Rey, but what about Finn? All we know about his past is that he was torn from his family as a child, and he doesn't even remember his real name. There's no way this information would've been brought up if it wouldn't come into play later on. No one would have questioned Finn's past, we all would've just assumed that he joined the First Order the same way that most people join the army. But Finn doesn't really seem to care about finding his family. He never mentions them, aside from bringing them up only to explain why he doesn't have a name. So, it seems more likely that Finn's parents are going to find him. Some people have mentioned that they think they'll be characters we've met before, but they'll most likely be new people. Rey probably already has a famous dad—doing the same thing with Finn would just be way too dumb.

Rey's going to give Chewie the Millennium Falcon

One of the craziest parts about The Force Awakens that no one seems to mention is when Rey inherits the Millennium Falcon. What about Chewie? He's been Han's best friend for a lifetime, while Rey only knew him for a few hours. Rey's also going to start training to become a Jedi with Luke, so she doesn't need the Falcon anymore. She'll do the right thing and give it to Chewie. In fact, that'll probably be Luke's first lesson: to treat Chewie like he's the hero that he truly is.

Kylo Ren's not going to live up to Vader

Kylo Ren has a pretty weird relationship with his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker. He's fixated on Anakin's alter ego, Darth Vader. He even retrieved Vader's burned out mask and keeps it in his room, where he talks to it. Ren also wears a mask with a voice changer, despite not needing it. He's the creepiest fan boy in the galaxy. But he's not his grandfather. Darth Vader was feared by the other members of the Empire, including high ranking officers. Ren is openly disrespected by General Hux, and get's caught throwing a temper tantrum by two Stormtroopers, who sneak away. Ren's lack of leadership skills is going to come back to haunt him in the later movies, and it's just going to lead to even more tantrums.

Han's ghost is going to haunt Kylo

We don't really know how Force ghosts work. What we do know is that Han Solo is way too popular a character for him to only appear in one movie. So far, we've only seen Jedi masters come back as force ghosts, but that doesn't mean other people can't do it! Right? Han's clearly awesome enough to figure out a way to do this. He's the father of one of the galaxy's only remaining Force users, so he's tied pretty closely to the Force. Okay, so he probably won't come back as a Force ghost, but this definitely isn't the last we've seen of Han. Even if he doesn't actually haunt Kylo Ren, his memory definitely will. His son's going to have to deal with his grumpy dad's ghost, either actually or just metaphorically.