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24% Of Fans Said This Was Their Least Favorite Futurama Character

Long before "Star Trek: Lower Decks" brought workplace comedies into the final frontier, Matt Groening's "Futurama" introduced audiences to a bizarre cast of colleagues employed at Planet Express. Premiering in 1999 on Fox, "Futurama" combined the comedic sensibilities of Groening's animated hit "The Simpsons" with the distant-future setting of "Star Trek."

Set in the 31st century, "Futurama" revolves around a cast of animated characters working for a futuristic FedEx, ensuring the prompt delivery of packages to locations across the galaxy. During its seven-season run, the series amassed considerable acclaim and accumulated numerous awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. 

However, despite repeated critical acclaim, Fox canceled the series in 2003, after a mere four seasons. Five years later, Comedy Central brought "Futurama" back to the small screen, airing an additional three seasons before re-canceling it in 2013. Indeed, "Futurama" has the distinct honor of being canceled and revived more than a few times. In 2020, Hulu announced yet another "Futurama" revival, set to air in 2023 (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

Ahead of the gang's return, Looper fielded a survey asking American audiences which character on the series was their least favorite. While the margins were slim among most, one character seems to have really rubbed viewers the wrong way.

The slacker and the Ph.D. get the least votes

With just 10.43% of the 633 responses, the series' main protagonist Philip J. Fry clearly endeared himself to viewers over seven seasons. Voiced by Billy West, Fry serves as the audience's entry into the next millennium. At the start of "Futurama," Fry is a slacking pizza delivery person living in New York City in the year 1999. After accidentally undergoing cryogenic stasis, the hapless fellow wakes up a whole 1,000 years later. Displaced, and largely lacking any employable skills, Fry becomes a delivery person with Planet Express, and from there the hijinks begin.

Next on the list is multi-lingual Amy Wong-Kroker (Lauren Tom), who managed to avoid the disgrace of "least favorite" by only getting 11.06% of the vote. In her 20s, Amy brings a sense of style and entitlement to her nearly everlasting Ph.D. internship at Planet Express. Despite her frequently snobbish and self-centered ways, Amy is a driving force behind the legalization of robosexuality, a movement that helps make human-robot marriage legal. Over the course of the series, Amy finally earns her degree and, after some ups and downs, finds love with Lt. Kif Kroker (Maurice LaMarche).

The captain, the robot, and the accountant are in the middle of the pack

Receiving just a few more votes than Amy is the purple-haired Turanga Leela (Katey Sagal), with 11.37% of the votes. Beyond her striking hair, Leela's mutant heritage is evident in her cycloptic face. As both the captain and pilot of the delivery ship, Leela provides a no-nonsense grounding for her colleagues. Though she entertains other romantic relationships, Leela's bond with Fry is the focus of many seasons, with the two even marrying and spending decades together before deciding to go back in time and start their lives anew.

In the middle of the pack is Bender Bending Rodríguez (John DiMaggio), who earned 12.48% of the survey takers' votes. While Leela's all about working hard, Bender is her polar opposite. The robot tends to dive headfirst into every situation, regardless of the danger and the risk to those around him. Though he tends to pride himself on his aloof and self-centered demeanor, Bender has — on rare occasions — expressed empathy for his colleagues when they are facing tough challenges.

In third place, with 13.43% of the vote, is Planet Express accountant Hermes Conrad (Phil LaMarr). The one-time limbo champion doesn't have much time for personal interactions with his coworkers, preferring instead to complete his professional duties with care and dedication. While he has mostly neutral relationships with his colleagues, Hermes' hatred for Dr. Zoidberg is a primary factor of his personality.

The professor and the doctor top the list

Good news, everyone! Planet Express CEO, Hubert J. Farnsworth (Billy West), comes in second place, receiving 16.90% of the vote. Balancing scientific genius with encroaching senility, the 160-year-old Farnsworth typically enters a scene with his famous catchphrase, something that almost always precedes the reveal of his latest invention. These inventions range from advanced robotics to world-ending devices. Focused solely on the big picture, and heedless of others' lives, Farnsworth goes through delivery crews with astonishing frequency.

Interestingly, the character with the most votes is Dr. John A. Zoidberg (Billy West) — which is sure to put a smile on Hermes' face. With a whopping 24.33% of the vote, the Planet Express staff doctor is the clear "winner" of the survey. Zoidberg, of course, would likely find some good-natured reason for receiving so many votes — after all, he believes Hermes is among his closest friends. While not the most competent physician, his affable nature, and long friendship with Farnsworth, are likely the only qualities that save him from termination throughout the course of the series. Unfortunately, despite his friendly persona, Zoidberg's personal hygiene makes even platonic relationships a challenge.