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The Owl House Detail That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

In 2020, Disney released Dana Terrace's animated series "The Owl House," a cartoon that sees a young human girl — Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nichole Robles) — stuck in an alternate, more magical world. The show, which also features the voice talents of Alex Hirsch, Wendie Malick, and Mae Whitman of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," currently has a whopping 100% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical through-line of nearly every review speaks towards detail-oriented storytelling that draws audiences in. 

It's odd, then, that someone could find what appears to be a noticeable tear in the plot's fabric. As is often the case, a discussion appeared on Reddit, where fans flock to share their greatest finds and wildest fancies. This time, though, the discovery falls somewhere in the middle because it's not exactly a hidden detail, but it's never addressed in the series (at least, so far). Here's the small detail about Lilith Clawthorne (Cissy Jones) that is making fans confused.

Why doesn't Lilith have a coven seal on her arm?

In the "The Owl House" subreddit, Redditor u/gxrlick shared a screenshot of Lillith that seems to be missing something. The image shows her exposed forearms, which are noticeably devoid of a coven seal, a magical tattoo coven members must all bear. A driving force in the plot is that Eda (Malick), Lilith's younger sister, is under severe scrutiny for refusing to join a coven and that Lillith is a (now former) leader of the Emperor's Coven, the highest-ranking coven in the series. See the problem? 

Redditor u/Accomplished_Bug1277 suggested the simplest solution, saying, "this looks more like an animation error than an intentional detail." A slightly more interesting reply came from u/QuothTheRaven713, who said, "I'm thinking those in The Emperor's Coven don't get one. Coven seals are meant to seal away a witch's other forms of magic. TEC can do all forms of magic so why would they go through the trouble of having a coven seal that does nothing."

The most fascinating response came from u/j6cubic, whose lengthy thoughts include, "one good explanation for Lilith not having one might be that she used to rank high enough to know what it can be used for and thus got rid of it ASAP." It's doubtful that Lillith's lack of a coven seal is an accident, as her arms are shown frequently, so perhaps, somewhere down the line, the truth will be revealed. Who knows? Maybe u/j6cubic is onto something big.