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Queer As Folk Reboot Release Date, Cast, And Photos - What We Know So Far

When Russell T. Davies' "Queer as Folk" first aired in Britain in 1999, it was hailed a landmark production, bringing an honest, previously unseen look at queer lives to TV. The American adaptation was no different. Airing from 2000 to 2005, the series looked at the relationships, ambitions, and sex lives of gay friends in their Pittsburgh community. The U.S. version was a faithful analog of its British predecessor, with the main character able to be traced directly to their British counterparts.

Now, "Queer as Folk" is getting another American reboot, with Stephen Dunn serving as the show's creator, writer, and executive producer (alongside Davies as co-executive producer). "I'm very proud of what we achieved in 1999, but in queer years, that was a millennium ago!" Davies said in a statement, via TVLine. "As a community, we've radicalized, explored, opened up, and found new worlds." For the reimagined series, Dunn and Davies are bringing "Queer as Folk" to New Orleans and introducing a new group of LGBTQIA+ characters. Here's what we know so far about the highly anticipated reboot.

What is the release date of Peacock's Queer as Folk?

The new edition of "Queer as Folk" is arriving just in time for Pride Month, as it will be available exclusively on Peacock on Thursday, June 9. The NBC streaming service took to Twitter to reveal the date, captioning the news with a saucy slogan: "Things just got real AF." Alongside the release date announcement, Peacock also posted a brief teaser of the flickering lights of a new and improved Babylon, the club from the original "Queer as Folk."

Peacock was announced as the new home for "Queer as Folk" back in April 2021, via Variety, when the streaming service greenlit an eight-episode straight-to-series order. The series is set to drop all at once as a cohesive, binge-able unit. This sets it apart from its "Queer as Folk" forebears, both of which aired weekly on Channel 4 and Showtime, respectively. It will be interesting to see if the reboot's narrative will be at all affected by the binge model of television consumption, as the audience won't be forced to take a weekly breather in between episodes.

Who is in the cast of Peacock's Queer as Folk?

One way that the new "Queer as Folk" will stand out from previous iterations is the diversity of sexuality, gender identity, and ability in the cast. "I am immensely proud that the new series is comprised of an electric ensemble of fresh characters that mirror the modern global audience," said Dunn. Added Davies, "The 2022 show is more diverse, more wild, more free, more angry–everything a queer show should be" (via TVLine).

Devin Way stars as the charming Brodie, with Fin Argus as Mingus, the series' high school student. Jesse  James Keitel plays Ruthie, a trans woman hoping to leave her partying days behind her, and CG is Shar, a nonbinary character trying to tackle parenthood. Johnny Sibilly, best known for his work in "Hacks," portrays a lawyer named Noah, while Ryan O'Connell of "Special" fame serves triple duty as an actor, writer, and co-executive producer. Like O'Connell himself, his character, Julian, has cerebral palsy.

In addition to the slate of starring newcomers, "Queer as Folk" will also feature appearances from a number of beloved stars, character actors, and comedians alike. Juliette Lewis, who most recently racked up praise for her role in "Yellowjackets," will play Judy, a single mother. Ed Begley Jr. will also play a parent on the series. Perhaps the most exciting cast member is Kim Cattrall, whose character description as "a martini-soaked Southern debutante with trailer park roots" (via TVLine) makes her role on "Queer as Folk" all the more enticing. Other appearances to look forward to include "America's Next Top Model" winner and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, who will play a graduate student, Lukas Gage of "The White Lotus" fame, and comedian Megan Stalter, who repeatedly stole scenes in Season 1 of "Hacks." 

Are there any new photos from Peacock's Queer as Folk?

In addition to announcing the release date, Peacock also revealed a number of photos from the upcoming season of "Queer as Folk." Posted by EW courtesy of Peacock, the 11 pictures offer a first look at the upcoming series, indicating the tone and scope of relationships we can come to expect from the forthcoming series. Some are straightforward character shots, introducing viewers to Shar, Julian, and Mingus, as well as guest stars Eric Graise, who plays Marvin, and Armand Fields as reigning drag queen Bussey. In addition to introducing new characters, these photos are awash in bisexual lighting.

Other photos serve to show the oscillating tones of joy, sadness, and sexual liberation that have come to define "Queer as Folk." One, for instance, shows Brodie dancing in a club that's presumably Babylon. Elsewhere, Noah looks pensively in the mirror, another character's ghostly visage in the reflection. Per the series description, the new "Queer as Folk" takes place in the aftermath of some yet-to-be-named tragedy. This mysterious character could be at the center.

Other first look images help fans piece together the web of relationships in "Queer as Folk." A photo of Shar and Ruthie walking down the street suggests some sort of partnership between the two, as does another image of Brodie and Ruthie laughing together on the floor. Finally, the above photo of Mingus receiving a crown on their head hammers home other themes that are sure to bubble up in "Queer as Folk" on June 9, namely radical acceptance and chosen family.