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Vince Vaughn Gets Gritty In Brawl In Cell Block 99 Teaser Trailer

Vince Vaughn is barely recognizable in the teaser trailer for Brawl in Cell Block 99. While, yes, he still kind of looks like himself (but with a cross tattoo on his bald head), Vaughn is like we've never seen him before.

In the action thriller, he plays Bradley, a former boxer who loses his job as an auto mechanic as his marriage falls apart. Thinking he has no better options, he becomes a drug runner. But after a gunfight between his allies and a group of cops, Bradley winds up in prison, where his enemies force him to commit savage acts of violence. 

Vaughn told Deadline he signed on for the movie after seeing 2015's Bone Tomahawk by director S. Craig Zahler. "Zahler doesn't write in a genre," Vaughn said. "He takes all of these elements and cross-pollinates them and tells a unique story." 

As for his character, Vaughn said Bradley is a guy who "really had an alcohol problem and as a belief system falls into Christianity. He's a flawed, complicated guy and he wants to connect on some level. He's really being challenged when the movie starts; there are obstacles and challenging situations. We find him at a teetering point."

The movie, which also stars Jennifer Carpenter, Marc Blucas, and Don Johnson, hits theaters Oct. 6. 

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