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May Calamawy Provides More Insight Into Oscar Isaac's Behavior On The Moon Knight Set

Oscar Isaac is a versatile performer who's lent his talents to a myriad of critically acclaimed projects throughout the years. Whether he's showing off his dance movies in films like "Ex-Machina," or piloting X-wing fighter jets through the galaxy far, far away courtesy of "Star Wars," he's proven that he's equally adept at tackling both thought-provoking fare and action-packed mainstream blockbusters. His latest starring role, "Moon Knight" is a combination of both, and the Marvel series has allowed Isaac to play one of his most complex characters to date.

"Moon Knight" sees Isaac team up with May Calamawy for one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most bizarre adventures to date. In the show, Isaac's titular hero is forced to juggle his multiple personalities, while also contending with demonic dogs, ancient gods, and a dastardly villain in the form of Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawk). Calamawy, meanwhile, plays the wife of Phil Spector, one of our hero's various alter egos. That said, nothing about their relationship is romantic in the traditional sense.

Having worked so closely with Isaac in recent times, Calamawy knows all about his off-set behavior. She previously discussed how much "fun" he was to be around while filming "Moon Knight," revealing that he was always easygoing, despite the complex and intense nature of his role. However, it turns out the actor made other positive contributions to the show behind the scenes, which Calamawy opened up about in a recent interview.

Oscar Isaac is helpful behind the scenes

May Calamawy recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss "Moon Knight" on Disney+. During the conversation, she recalled how the early days of working on the show were daunting as the Marvel project was unlike anything else she'd ever worked on before. However, she was hesitant to ask for help and guidance as she wanted her colleagues to think she was cool. Calamawy couldn't keep the charade going for long, though, and she eventually had to turn to Isaac for advice. 

During the interview, the actress recalled how she was struggling to film one scene until her co-star coached her through it. According to Calamawy, Isaac walked her through the entire sequence, helping her understand her character's role in the process. "He completely directed me in that moment. It just came out so easily, and it felt so nice and effortless," she revealed, noting that Isaac also had a lot to deal with that day due to the complexity of the scene in question. 

That said, Isaac had no problem dropping everything to help Calamawy, and his efforts are appreciated to this day. "I always thank him for that, like, "You're doing this incredibly intense scene, and yet you took the time to help me." It was just very generous," she added.